Betsey Johnson is my spirit animal

She really is. 

Do you know who Betsey Johnson is? If you don’t, she’s a fashion designer, and I totally love her.

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Seriously how could I not?

She is also the reason for this first picture from my Pinterest “cute” board. I only share my “cute” and “cups and mugs” boards with you guys (even though I have so many other boards on my profile, and a few secret ones too.) 

Betsey Johnson Orange Hippo Long Necklace. So cute!

Isn’t it just ADORABLE!? And it’s in one of my favourite colours as well. I love it.

I didn’t want to do two Pinterest posts in a row, but I have nothing else to share. I wish I had something else to share, but my mind has been in a thousand other places lately. Plus, the following pieces of jewellery are totally my style and totally adorable.

Geek Chic Glasses Ring Choose your color gold and silver, Adjustable... ($13) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring jewelry, rings, adjustable rings, gold and silver rings и gold and silver jewelry

Sterling silver evening lotus ring. #SilverJewelry

10501671_885673468111740_6748465522000993615_n.jpg (500×666)

Remember folks, a non-diamond ring is the best kind of ring!

Biżuteria rose gold (z różowego złota) HIT 2017! Zdjęcia

I don’t follow my star sign at all, but I do love the look of the Aries constellation on things. I used to have a simple silver ring with the 4 stars (that one super close to the top there) but it started to turn my finger green after two-years of wearing it so I had to get rid of it.

Constellation Pendant Necklaces #jewelrynecklaces

Now the next two I had to really restrain myself. I am in LOVE with this company, Dogeared. Their necklaces are so simple and dainty and I would honestly wear almost every single one. All the ones on Pinterest that I’ve seen come with a cute little saying. I’ve selected two for this post:

Dogeared 'Reminder - The Circle' Boxed Pendant Necklace | Nordstrom

WANT!  Dogeared 'Love - Sparkle Heart' Boxed Pendant Necklace | Nordstrom.    {loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will...

So there we have it. Maybe next week I’ll be more in the writing mood for you!

11 thoughts on “Betsey Johnson is my spirit animal

  1. I love the sunglasses ring and the constellation necklace! I would actually consider wearing the constellation necklace – if they could do custom orders I’d rather have Orion since I see it so much in the night sky 🙂

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  2. I almost bought a full on camel ring at the Kate Spade store. Still thinking about going back and getting it. It was obnoxius and beautiful! My sister in law would absolutely love that hippo! May have to get that for her!

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