Mom Praise

So every Wednesday, 2 of my kidlets have a French tutor lesson downtown Toronto at a library so I take them most weeks.

There is another mom there who knows my boss and my kids. Every week now she keeps giving me super mom praise haha. Its super nice and affirming. Especially to have it come from an outsider.

Last week, 3rd had his arm around 4th’s shoulders and they were having a little chat together. “Someone is doing a great job!” It was so sweet.

Today, its just 3rd and myself, and I passed a stack of books to him and the mom was like “wow! Super nanny pass. There was no eye contact – thats like olympic level passing”

A few weeks ago the kids were playing on the computer together, helping each other complete the levels. And she commented on how well I was doing with them.

She’s super nice! And gives me a confidence boost whenever I see her.

Have you got any super awesome compliments lately? If not, you are totally killing it! You have made life yours and you are owning it! Way to go! Xoxo

4 thoughts on “Mom Praise

  1. It’s lovely you take the compliment! Too many people these days negate comments, but they need to be held and appreciated for those days when life isn’t quite so sparkly.

    Are the kidlets using Duolingo? My Barbarians are learning French at school =)

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    • Oh I always take the compliment haha even if its from the 8-year-old and she says in a frustrated voice “gaahhh you’re always so bubbly” lol she gets a super bubbly “omg thank you!!” Right back.

      And no they aren’t. They’ve been in a French Immersion school since kindergarten so I think its not much help. Once they get to grade 7 they switch to a full French school. But I don’t have any French skills so I’m not too much help haha


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