I just need some space

Do you ever have that moment where you just want to scream “I JUST NEED SOME SPACE!” I’ve been having that this weekend. 

I tried to get a little bit of space, not checking my phone as much, sometimes turning off my wifi or data completely, but it doesn’t work. It did for a little bit – some small moments of silence where my phone wasn’t giving me alerts. I tried to do the mature thing and gracefully back away. Slowly. Not completely – just a little bit. But I just couldn’t escape! One hour goes by and BING my phone is telling me that I can’t get any space.

So I checked my phone. I had to. I can’t ignore the bings – what if it’s something that I actually want to know? Or an alert I actually want to interact with? But it wasn’t. I should have waited to see what colour the alert light was before double tapping my screen. It’s green I want. Green always gets my attention. Blue I avoid.

Blue…how telling that that’s the light colour I get when I get a Facebook alert. GAH what a time suck Facebook is. I’m in the process of breaking up with Facebook, but it’s not taking it very well.

I don’t mean a complete “you’re on my list of people I’m going to run over with my car” break up, but just an “I can’t see you every day anymore” type of breakup. I thought I could get around it easily but I couldn’t. Facebook is being super clingy and needy about it.

It started about two weeks ago. I used to spend my morning breakfast time scrolling through Facebook just to see what people were up to. But I hated that time suck. Especially now that my time is precious and I want to focus on other things once I’m done my house helper duties. Cutting out Facebook meant I can use that time for something more important.

So – I logged out of the Facebook app on my phone and took it off my home screen. That was easy. I just needed some distance from all the alerts that I was getting. If I wanted to check it, I would go into my apps menu, find the app, log in, spend a few minutes checking my notifications and then log back out. It was awesome. Maybe once a day I would log on instead of checking it every time I would get a notification. I loved the break.

Then, I started to go a few days between checking it. That was even better. But apparently Facebook didn’t like that. Even though I wasn’t logged into the app, I would get alerts saying a friend of mine had commented on her husband’s picture. A picture I hadn’t liked or commented on. Or that my brother replied to a comment on a status about his new bee hives (yeah, he’s starting that, it’s kind of cool!) and, again, I had never looked at that status update before so why was I getting these alerts?

I thought for a minute that maybe I had accidentally left the app signed in. So I went and checked it. Nopes. Not logged in. Facebook was just pushing these alerts to me for no reason. NO REASON. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!

This morning, I had had enough. I went to uninstall the app, hoping that it wouldn’t affect the messenger part. I literally could not uninstall it. You know how you can hold the app and it gives you the option to uninstall or remove? That doesn’t exist for Facebook on my phone! I had to go into my settings, find my list of apps, and disable it. But now it’s done. And, bonus, it didn’t affect the messenger app so we’re all good.

No more phantom Facebook alerts for me!

34 thoughts on “I just need some space

  1. I feel you I joined a group chat for my running group. Ping ping ping ping. Enough! FB is a huge time thief. How about I challenge you to a week without FB. I once did a 90 challenge and it was amazing. You in?

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    • I’m already on day 3 of no Facebook so I think I can totally finish out the week hehe! Although I can’t agree to include messenger in that. It’s the only way I connect with some people and the only reason why I have kept my Facebook account this long haha.


  2. Do you have an iPhone? If so you can delete it on your computer when you sync it. Just saying. I hate facebook sometimes, so I completely turn off the notifications for it in the notifications center period. I just can’t handle it! I use instagram and twitter more anyways! And they don’t blow me up!

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  3. Woohoo! I deactivated my Facebook last summer and took it off my phone and never looked back. It was tough at first but I have twitter and wordpress to distract me. I don’t miss it.

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  4. That’s a bit scary to hear how hard it was to get rid of it. Sounds like deleting it from your phone is a smart move. I can’t believe how addictive it all is: sometimes I sit down for 10 minutes to check stuff, and an hour goes by so fast! I need to get more discipline with my use too…

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    • I know! I wasn’t expecting it to send me notifications after I logged out. It was so weird! I’m glad that I deleted it off my phone and can’t wait to use it less. Even when I was using it, I wasn’t using it to keep in touch with people, I’d scroll through and click all the “click bait” links haha! I was the same as you, sit down for a few minutes and an hour later still be on it looking at “celebrities expecting in 2018!” or something haha

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  5. I’ve been going through the same struggles – I used to have twitter on my phone set to notify me of when my favorite cartoonists posted – ping ping ping – it never stopped. I got rid of that app fast – it was making me crazy! I also can’t remove the FB app from my phone, just disable it – weird! I like what you said – facebook can be super clingy and needy and keeps wanting to hook you back in – like a delicious, delicious cheesecake you can’t stop eating. I’m resolving to going a week without FB and instagram (since I use those the most) to make myself mentally detox.

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  6. I get that feeling all the time…thank heavens I got over face book years ago. It really does guzzle all your time up… turn those notifications off… I miss the days when accessibility wasn’t so easy.

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