A little bit of Scottish Pride

I’m finding that my writing time is suffering lately. I have had a lot to do and these last few weeks have been a little crazy, and with the A to Z Challenge, it was easy to not schedule in writing time. 

But that’s not going to stop me! I just need to find a better balance with my time. I’m working on it! I’ve made a few changes and hopefully, that will allow me some extra time to write for you guys.

However, that doesn’t start today. Today, I’m tired, the weather’s got me feeling blah, and it’s my day off but I’ve got to go to work (so no, I won’t be seeing the Avenger’s today. And yes, if you post any spoilers on your blog without saying there will be spoilers, I will hunt you down and feed you to my house hippo).

Instead, have some bits of Scottishness, because who doesn’t love to promote their Scottishness? Not this ginger, that’s for sure! I apologize in advance for the swears, all images are provided via Pinterest. 


17 thoughts on “A little bit of Scottish Pride

  1. I feel like the posting spoilers was directed at me. However, no spoilers will be posted until it’s come out on DVD/Blue Ray and I can look at every little angle. By then everyone should have seen it and I can go crazy.

    I hope you get to see it soon though!


      • It’s just easier. Which is why I haven’t done my review on Black Panther.. But I also missed seeing Guardians 2 and Spiderman Homecoming. So I have like 4 now to review when I get them.


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