Time to hit the books!

While I took my little hiatus from writing posts for the month of April (even though I apparently still wrote 13 non-A to Z challenge related posts), I took my extra time and read some books. Just so I could share those books with you! You should feel special. 

I like to get random books from the library – the more obscure and different from each other the better. So today’s selection has a little mix of everything.

First up: Fahrenheit 451

Image result for fahrenheit 451

I was super excited for this book! I loved George Orwell’s 1984 and couldn’t wait to get sucked into another book of the same genre. I started with this book out of the three I had checked out. I snuggled into bed, all excited, propped up on my pillows, and then…nothing. I was so bored by the opening that I literally didn’t read past the first 20 pages. I was telling my brother and his roommate this while I was in Ottawa for my birthday and they were both shocked because they both loved this book. Whatever, Ray Bradbury, whatever.

After a dystopian classic, I switched to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Image result for the cursed child

First of all, let me say that I waited to read this until the hype had died down. When it first came out, I didn’t want anything to do with it just because it was so popular. I avoided it like the plague. But after several friends read it and really enjoyed it, I decided to finally give in and take the plunge.

I had no idea that this was a play. I thought it was a book. And apparently, it is also a book. But I got the play. This threw me off a little bit, and I set it down to try to read Bradbury again, but after that didn’t work out so well, I decided to give the play a chance.

I liked the idea of the play because you get all the dialogue without the descriptions in the middle. Sometimes, I just crave the dialogue more, ya know? Once I actually made up my mind to read it, I was actually drawn in. For the first few scenes. I made it all the way to the end of Act 1 and then gave up.

WOW – 2/3 books so far were not working for me. I had to reserve the 3rd and thankfully it came in just as I was getting tired of The Cursed Child.

My last book was the one I was the most excited about.

Image result for indian horse

I found out about this book because I saw a trailer for the movie that just came out. I knew it was going to be a tough book to read just because it is based around residential schools in Canada (one of the few parts of our history that makes me boil over in anger). I sought out the book because I know I want to eventually watch the movie, but I wanted to read the book first.

This story follows Saul, a Native American boy, through his life’s journey and how it connects to hockey. He is placed in a residential school through a series of heartbreaking events, then is treated horribly at the school (because every single child who was forced into those schools was traumatized and abused and broken) and then he was broken even more by society when he left the school. I don’t want to give too much away but I was literally crushed at the end. There is a little twist that I didn’t see coming, and while I could hold onto my emotions with the rest of the things that had happened to this man, it was that one little fact that you learn so close to the end that just ended it for me. I had to stop reading, dry my eyes, and go back to finish the last 30 pages of the book.

I seriously recommend this book to anyone. Just make sure that you have some happy pills or baby hippo videos pulled up on YouTube for when you get to the horrible parts.

And if you are interested in the story, but not into reading the book, here’s the link to the trailer. I’m pretty sure it’s still in theatres so you can probably still catch it there.

*images provided for this post via Goggle search*

23 thoughts on “Time to hit the books!

  1. Love your reviews! It’s been ages since I read Fahrenheit 451 and I really don’t remember much about it. HP and the Cursed Child to me was okay, I miss the descriptive language of Rowling but I tried to give this book a chance. I think what I found weird was the characterization of Harry himself – he used to be a boy so full of hope and justice, but as a father is treatment of Albus seemed off putting… also I was hoping for something new instead of using Time Turners again. Your review of Indian Horse got be intrigued – I’d love to check out the movie when it comes out!

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    • Thanks Patti! The first two were such let-downs for me. I was so disappointed! But Indian Horse…goodness. Like I just can’t. Some books hit me hard, but this one was so emotional. I knew partly what I was getting myself into just because we are so aware of the horrors that happened in residential schools, but man…it was too much at times. If you watch the movie (or read the book) lemme know what you think! I might take myself out on a date this weekend and go see it haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, congrats on squeezing out 13 posts in the midst of the ABC challenge. Secondly, congrats on putting down the Harry Potter book, I’m proud of you. Thirdly, Indian horse and Fahrenheit 451 are both on my ever growing extremely slow moving reading list. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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