#atozchallenge : Zwilack

Tim Zwilack played for the Rangers from 1977-1980. He was traded during the 1979-80 season to the Sault St. Marie Greyhounds and stayed there until the end of 1981.

That’s all there is to say about Tim Zwilack. He is one of 4 options I had for this letter and he had the better stats out of all of them so here we are. He doesn’t even have a picture!

And just like that, my challenge is finished! Thanks for staying with me through this whole crazy thing, and I hope that you enjoyed some of my crazy stories from high school. Although, after writing all 26 of these I’m not sure any were really all that crazy.

Watch out for a reflection post going up on May 7th where there will be a full list of all my A to Z posts, plus an insight into the ones that were my favourite to write.

Woohoo for making it all the way to the end!

Image result for kitchener rangers


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