#atozchallenge : Yovanic

Paul Yovanic played for the Rangers for one season, 2004-2005. Yet another one of the players from this challenge to sneak in during my last year in high school.

Oddly enough, this was Paul’s only year playing in the OHL. He was born in 1987 just like me so he still had a few years left in him to play over-ager hockey if he wanted to. But to get started so late as a teenager in the OHL seems strange to me.

After his one season with the Rangers, he played for seven other leagues and bounced around quite a bit. He finished his hockey career playing in the IHL for the Port Huron Icehawks.

I’m not even sure this picture is of him, but let’s cross our fingers and hope that it is.

Image result for kitchener rangers paul yovanic

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