Story Worth

Peeps and Meeps! Have I got a product for you!! 

So around Christmas, I saw another blogger rave about the website StoryWorth. I checked it out and bookmarked it because it sounded like something I would enjoy being a part of.

I forgot about it for a few months but I knew I wanted to use it for my dad’s birthday. My dad turned 70 this year and this was definitely what he was getting.

StoryWorth is a website to record your own story. Like you aren’t writing a story, you are writing your story. Every week they will email a question to you, and you will write an answer and email it back. They save all those answers and then at the end of a year (yes, a whole year!) they collect them all and put them into a hardcover book for you!

A BOOK!!! It’s amazing!

My dad is a super private person, so he wasn’t too sure how he much he would enjoy the gift but the first few weeks went great! He wrote an answer to “what cartoons did you watch growing up?”, which for him would have been like late 50’s, but we got this cute story about him sneaking in a quick 20-minute cartoon while his dad was in the barn doing barn chores.

The next few weeks he said are going to be hard for him. It’s all about his parents. I’ve never met his parents. My mom has never met his parents. And he doesn’t talk about them. I was interested, so I put 4 weeks in a row. Maybe a little bit too much. But he answered “what was your mom like when you were a child” and it was a beautiful tribute to this amazing woman that I didn’t even know existed. But I guess she had to be pretty amazing to raise 5 boys and 1 girl, on a farm, all born before 1949, and to have them all come out as amazing as my dad and his siblings. I literally was in tears at the end of it. Not just wet eyes (which I still call crying) but like full on, mascara is now ruined, tears streaming down my face, (no sobbing because that’s lame). But it was so emotional.

Anyways, not the point!

So StoryWorth is based out of the USA but still ships internationally! And I can’t recommend it enough! This is not a sponsored post, just my opinion. I can’t wait to get the copy of his book next April so I can have those stories and his memories. I might even get it for my mom when she turns 70 too!! In 9 years… lol maybe sooner. That’s a long time to wait.

Right now, they are having a sale for Mother’s Day ($20 off!). If you’re interested, GET IT! You can set the date to start whenever, you control the questions, you can write your own questions if you wanted to! It’s amazing.

If you want to get it, click here, which is a referral code for me, and you can get $10 off. Because I love you guys, and I want you to break down in tears over stories from your loved ones, just like I did. 😉 Sharing is caring!

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