#atozchallenge : DevereauX Heshmatpour

I had to get a little tiny bit creative for X since no Kitchener Ranger on record has had the last name starting with X. But I knew right away that I wanted to feature Devereaux Heshmatpour for this post.

Image result for kitchener rangers devereaux heshmatpour

Dev played for the Rangers for two seasons, from 2003-2005. Well, he was traded to the Oshawa Generals halfway through the 2004-05 season and after that season, he has no more hockey stats.

But I have stories! OOOOO boy to I have stories.

Dev was a tank. He stood 6’6, as you can see from the picture below, and towered over the majority of other players.

Image result for kitchener rangers devereaux heshmatpour

When you google Dev’s image, in the first line of results is a picture of those teaching babies that you get in parenting class – the one that I blogged about killing? Well, it’s actually my blog post! How cool is that?!

So Dev…oooo Dev. What a character.

Growing up in Kitchener was a pretty neat experience. We have the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany and we are proud of it. Our school always did a little twist on the Oktoberfest activities and instead of having a Miss Oktoberfest competition, we would have a Mr. Oktoberfest competition – where any guy could enter but he had to dress up as a girl and do a talent competition and the like. Well, this was also part of the hazing for the rookies for the Rangers. Except, the rookies had to be in dresses for the whole day. Dev decided that he was going to wear a jean mini-skirt and a tube top. Now, of course, that would have got any girl sent to the principal’s office, but boys doing it was totally fine. Dev just took it a little bit too far. He could barely walk in his tight little mini skirt, which just barely covered all his business. And he sat behind me and a row over while in parenting class and it covered nothing when he sat down.

Speaking of parenting class, he wanted to take the devil baby for a night. Thinking that their coach would be ok with him having it. Like, this is the coach who would fine his players $5 for being 30 seconds past curfew or any other small infraction he could think of, but of course sweet little Dev, you bring that baby to practice and see what happens when it decides to cry in the middle of a play. I can’t even imagine the “red line/blue line” drills that would happen. But he was so certain about having a positive attitude about it. And Dev had a positive attitude about everything.

He also carried a gallon of water around with him where ever he went. Like a full on empty milk jug. Gotta stay hydrated! He filled it with water and would just carry it around all day, every day until someone bugged him about it so much that he switched to a regular water bottle and then grumbled about having to fill it up so many times during the day.

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