#atozchallenge : Quinn

Peeps – the internet is a fabulous place. In my brief stages of prep for the A to Z Challenge, I went to the hockey database website that I’ve been linking to every name thus far. And then, on the day where I was doing the write up for the player, I would also google a picture to use. Well, Q just happened to be the first that I’m sitting down to do today, and I found out some pretty awesome stuff about Mr. Jim Quinn. Since I just typed in his name into google, planning on hitting the image tab, but I got distracted by the news section.

Image result for kitchener rangers jim quinn

Which led me to discover that it’s actually Dr. Jim Quinn.

First of all, he played for the Rangers from 1981-1984. Three seasons in all. Out of those three short seasons, Jim played for the Memorial Cup twice. Yes, you read that correctly, TWICE.

In 1982, the Rangers won their first ever Memorial Cup, and Jim was on the team. Then, in 1984, they were hosting the tournament but lost. Jim played then as well. Jim didn’t play hockey again after that season. Or at least not in any way that is recognized by the database that I’m using. He went into medicine and in 2009 was an associate professor of surgery at Stanford University.

Information obtained from this article. 

Pretty neat stuff, considering I only selected his name because he was the only Q name in the database to have any stats attached to his name.

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