#atozchallenge : O’Nabigon

Nathan O’Nabigon played for the Rangers for about a season and a half.

Image result for kitchener rangers nathan o'nabigon

He was lucky enough to snag the Memorial Cup year, playing the last part of the 2002-2003 season as well as the 2003-04 season. The Rangers were his third and last OHL team. From there he went on to play in the AUS with his university in New Brunswick, and then into the CHL. He ended his hockey career in 2012-13 playing in the LNAH for the Riviere-du-Loup 3L.

This is where my brain gets a little foggy. I have written down (and I am about 60% sure) Nathan is the player whose mother died over Christmas break. He took the holidays with his family and then came back to the team a week or two late. His first night playing he got a standing ovation for his dedication to come back. But then I also half think it was the goalie, not Nathan…but that’s also the plot of the movie Miracle so who knows what I’m talking about!

What I do know is that Nathan is an example for the Aboriginal youth of what hard work and determination can get you. While researching for A to Z I came across a small handful of newspaper articles showcasing his talent and career.

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