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You knew it was coming and here it is! Well, not until 3:20 pm, since that’s when I was born but I’m not going to get *that* into it!

BUT It’s finally my birthday and WOO to the HOO!!!!

I had big plans for today, which involved seeing a friend I went to university with and then driving 4-5 hours home. But the weather had different plans. I did some calling around and checking websites and ifΒ  I decided to leave my rental car here and take the train, it would be around an extra $300 for this trip. So I’ve just decided to stay an extra day. My brother and his housemate are totally fine with it, and I did pack for an extra day just in case.

There is this awesome website that tells you the road conditions in Ontario – supposed to be updated regularly but the last update was at 5am haha. Still, it shows that while the roads are ok now in the Ottawa region, by noon (around when I would be leaving…more likely around 2 or 3) the roads are going to be bad. And bad on that website means “crying and white knuckles on the steering wheel” for me.

Add that to the fact that my rental car is, in fact, a jelly bean, I mean look at it:


Sure it’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but it has no winter tires, and I hate driving in bad conditions (killing aΒ mailbox will do that to ya), AND the over 500 collisions in the Toronto are yesterday, I’m staying put.

I prayed for good driving weather as I was driving up (totally got it too! The drive through Algonquin Park was lovely! It still had snow so I didn’t get out except to take one quick selfie at the visitor’s centre) and it’s been great weather all weekend here so it’s not like I’m upset or anything. I do kind of wish that instead of freezing rain and rain today and tomorrow that the sun would come out and make it super warm and melt everything so that when I leave it’s dry roads all the way back. But I’m not sure my birthday luck/wishes can control the weather… I’ll take above zero temps and rain tomorrow over -4 (25 for the Americans reading) but feels like -10 (14) and freezing rain today.

I don’t want you guys thinking that I’m totally bummed out, cos I’m not!! I get an extra day with Le Brother and Le Housemate (who is super awesomesauce with cherries and sprinkles and I got to meet his new girlfriend last night and she’s fabulous!) and I get an extra long weekend and it’s MY BIRTHDAY! Nothing can make me sad on my birthday!! Emotional, yes (like the text I just got from my mom), but not sad! And no – that’s not a challenge.

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Plus, a little reminder to anyone who entered Write Club, the slush pool results are posted today sometime so check to see if you made it through!


The Birthday Girl

happy birthday GIF

66 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

  1. My dead MIL had that car, I borrowed it for road trip with the nieces because it’s great for gas and parking in busy places etc. Her family kept it for just such purposes and that’s a bit dark I know but it’s such an excellent car, and she loved it. This colour is so cute too! Hers was a light sparkly violet. I miss her.

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  2. I hope you’ve had the most wonderful time, and feel well-celebrated and loved up! May this coming year bring you all you wish for yourself, and some delightfully unexpected adventures as well. Many blessings, G in Oz xxxOOO

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