Four. More. Days!

It’s the final stretch people!! 

And as such, you can look at some cute items from Pinterest because I cut my finger the other day at work, lengthwise, down the side of my finger, right where the finger bends, so typing kind of sucks a little bit. Doing anything with that finger kind of sucks actually. So copy and paste it is!

My “cute!” board is quickly filling up with little dainty pieces of jewellery, I only wish that they all game in silver or white gold – since that’s my own personal style. But even so, the following pieces totally caught my eye and are super me.

Nest Necklace by The Vintage Pearl

Ethical and Eco Friendly Tree Wedding and Engagement Rings by Ash Hilton by Ash and Laurel on Etsy--Pinned with


Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at #jewelrynecklaces

Actual Fingerprint Necklace with Actual Handwriting Loved

Dainty Teardrop Fingerprint Necklace by GracePersonalized on Etsy

The coolest new technology now lets you wear a message from a loved one in the form of these beautiful sound wave necklaces! | Made on (scheduled via

Definitely still riding this “personalized” wave. Like the fingerprints? Such a cute idea!! I was going to make a little bracelet of my kidlet’s fingerprints for their mom for mother’s day – but I settled on a different crafty thing which I think they will like to do as well. I also love the idea of having someone write a message and then have it in their own writing on a necklace. It’s just so sweet. Same with the voice wave.


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