Bows and Arrows

Lock up all small animals peeps, I have started shooting. 

Two Christmases ago, my mom wanted to take up archery. So, being the agreeable husband that he is, my dad got her a compound bow. Over the summer, he also used his connections with the local farmers (aka his brothers) to get some bails of hay and he set up a little practice target in their backyard. They live in the middle of the country and while there are lots of gun ranges, there are no archery ranges.

Over Easter weekend, I asked if she would let me use her bow and she actually said yes! So I did!!

At first, it was a little difficult, the sight isn’t very helpful at all, or (and probably more likely) I just suck at aiming. It was super cold out so I also had to grab some mittens just to be able to stay out longer than 5 minutes. I soon gave up on them because they were catching on the bow when I released the arrow.

I set the hay up along the side of my dad’s shed, like he said, and started to shoot. I lasted about 20 minutes before I went in, but I was doing pretty well! Starting to make small little groupings with my arrows.

Once I was all nice and warm again, I headed back out. My dad decided he would add a target for me to hit, which did make it a little more difficult. But even then, after a little bit, I was getting nice little groupings again. Not as consistently as I’d like, but this was literally my first time doing it. So yay me!


I did hit the shed a few times, but there was no damage done. My dad said not to even worry about it. So woohoo! Look!! I hit the centre of the plate!


And, of course, for those keeping track: FIVE MORE DAYS!

17 thoughts on “Bows and Arrows

  1. Archery is like the best workout for your arms and shoulders. I keep saying one year I’m going to get myself a bow and start practicing again because I was a real natural at it when I first tried it. I miss it a bunch. I actually asked for a bow and target a couple years ago for christmas but it didn’t pan out.

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