So I’ve moved

Yes – again! 

Hopefully, this will be my last move for a while. I have finally moved into the space that was indicated in my contract. I knew coming in it wouldn’t be available and that was totally fine. But now, being here, it’s pretty awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles.

And since ya’ll are stalkers and I know that you want to see where I live, here are some pictures!

Okies, so first up: if you stand in the doorway to the suite, this is what you see. A nice little sitting room. ignore those boxes, they are stuff from the previous person living here haha they are going to go over to the new house sometime soon.


Then if you sit on the sofa, you see the little kitchen area. I don’t have a lot of storage so I’ve used the dishwasher to store my pots and pans. Which is genius! Look at them! They are all lined up, I don’t have to dig around for things. Nothing is stacked on top of each other. It’s perfect. 20180407_181151.jpg

Okies, go through the door beside the sofa and then it’s my office. I stood in the back corner to take this photo. Look at all my nail stuff on display! And that pink hippo with purple feet is my Alfonso. 20180407_181219.jpg

Go out the office door and across the hall and you get to my bathroom/laundry room, as you can see from the picture above. And below, my bedroom in all it’s bright coloured glory!! I love my bed-set but it’s impossible to get the comforter to not look all messy.


So there ya go all you crazy stalkers. My new place!! It’s so awesome to be unpacked and settled. And to have my own space again.

32 thoughts on “So I’ve moved

  1. Tip: always size up on comforters. If you have a full, buy a full/queen or a queen.

    Also, yay for getting into your own space where you can cook! I’m jelly but also so happy for you!!!!

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    • Ooo yes I always have to do that! I have a double extra long bed, so it’s as wide as a double but the length of a queen so I always have to buy queen sized just to make it fit properly.

      And I am loving it! It’s pretty awesome.

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  2. 1- Cherries AND sprinkles!? Just who do you think you are?
    2- I’ve voiced my opinion on geniuses before…
    3- Poor little Alfonso, right in the line of boop
    4 – If that bedset had glitter on it it would be an 11
    5 – Congrats!!! I wish I could post a gif here to fully express my excitement

    Liked by 1 person

    • 3) Alfonso LOVES his boops don’t *even* get me started!
      1) I am T – the most able person in all of humanity to say if something is worthy of cherries and sprinkles
      5) THANKS! I know it would be the Jim Carrey in a tutu dancing one lol I’m watching it in my mind now hehe
      2) You said I was a genius…don’t make me screen grab it to prove I’m right!
      4) omg no. That’s where I draw the line. Glitter bedding? Too much Alphonso…too much


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