#atozchallenge Double Trouble

Peeps! It seems that I wrote two entries for A to Z today! 

I helped out a fellow blogger, and wrote a story for his fiction theme, and today is the day it’s been posted! Go check it out:

I interrupt your boring blog search to bring you… My first guest post! Thank you so much for this Giggles.  Read it nerds!


Megan sat at her desk, her leg bouncing up and down faster than she realized, trying to concentrate on her grade 12 physics test. It was so violent, that it started to vibrate the seat next to her. Allison, Miss “I’m so much better than you”, shot Megan a dirty glance over her shoulder as she tried to focus on her own test.

“Quit. It.” Allison hissed as loudly as she dared without Mr. Robinson hearing her and reprimanding her.

Megan tried to still her leg, focusing her nervous energy on her pen instead. Hitting it off her test paper, twirling it around down her fingers and then back up again. The paper kept going in and out of focus. Megan looked at the clock – 9:52 am. She knew she wouldn’t be able to get to Frazer until 10:30, in between second and third period. She knew this was going to happen when she left her house that morning. But she had overslept. She could usually control the cravings if she had a cup of coffee first. The bigger the better. Especially if she had to wait to meet up with Frazer.

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