One More Sleep!


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Ok, so there isn’t a game happening, but this blog will be taken over by hockey for the next month starting tomorrow morning. I’ll still have regular posts here and there but for the most part, it’s going to be A to Z all the time.

For those of you participating in the challenge, good luck my darlings! May the odds be ever in your favour. I hope you succeed in getting to the end of the alphabet without losing your minds.

For those not participating: why aren’t you?! Hehe, no, seriously, I hope that you enjoy the switch in post topics for the next month, and in May I’ll be back to my normal marshmallow cupcake posts that you’ve all grown to love.

For those who are counting down to my birthday with as much excitement as I am: FIFTEEN DAYS PEOPLE!!! This is not a drill. FIFTEEN DAYS!

8 thoughts on “One More Sleep!

    • Not stupid AT ALL! And I love explaining it to new people and getting them excited about it. A to Z is a blogging challenge during the month of April. Every day (except Sunday) you make a post corresponding to a specific letter of the alphabet. April 1st=A, 2nd=B etc. And theres a website to sign up on (before tonight so if you want to do it you gotta act fast!) and people all over the world do it. I have a theme of hockey gossip this year, but you don’t need a theme. You can totally just wing it. Last year I did Harry Potter and it was SOOO much work. I needed something easy this year.

      I have an A to Z Category if you wanted to check out some of my previous posts on it.


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