There’s no place like home!

And thankfully, that’s where I am for the next few days. 

It’s a long weekend here in Canada because of Easter, and probably everywhere else in the world. If you don’t get at least Good Friday off of work, let me know in the comments! Now I’m curious.

Le Brother picked me up after work last night and we drove out to my parents together. We got here a little late, around midnight, but its either that or lose Friday to driving. So, we braved our mom’s disapproval for having her up late.

And now it’s a long weekend. But it can’t just be a regular long weekend with relaxation and family time. Today was church (where apparently there is a lot of drama-rama happening), tomorrow is my uncle’s 80th birthday, Sunday is my dad’s 70th birthday (they are the oldest and youngest of my dad’s siblings, ten years and 1 day apart, it’s adorable) and April Fools Day and Easter AND the start of A to Z. Then Monday is a driving day again. Le Brother has a dentist appointment so we will be up and going super duper early. It’s also the day that we are transporting my bed back to Toronto. I slept in it last night and it was amazing. I love that bed!

And that’s my “relaxing” weekend. Of course, I’m going to be trying to get those last A to Z posts done, but silly me left my notebook with my post ideas in Toronto. So we’ll see how far we get with that…

Do you have lots of plans this weekend? Or is it a lazy relaxation weekend for you? Easter plans? Egg hunts? Apparently, my brother and I are too old for Easter Bunny chocolates…good thing I decided to pick up chocolate bunnies for everyone earlier this week haha!

30 thoughts on “There’s no place like home!

  1. Here in the US Easter isn’t a holiday – which is hard to take having lived all my life in England and other European countries and having a four day break over Easter every year! This is my least favourite thing about America. No Easter and no Boxing Day after Christmas!

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    • Oh goodness! I’m so sorry!! Good Friday is the holiday here, and Easter Sunday most things are closed. But everything that isn’t Federally run is open on Monday. Schools are closed which is great for me because the parents I nanny for say it’s still part of the holiday and I get an extra day of rest.

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  2. Have a good one! Away with my family for a couple of days, then watching some boxing with friends tomorrow, possibly Church on Sunday… and then relaxing on Monday 🙂

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  3. I’m confused at all the different comments from people in the US. There must be a lot of regional differences. Easter is a holiday… most things are closed. Good Friday isn’t a day off for most… husband had to work and schools in my area were not closed. However, barely any kids show up so I gave my kids a choice. One went, the other stayed home. The one who went spent the day decorating the hall for a contest they’re having. Mini-me stayed home and we did girl things… kind of.

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  4. I’m lucky to have both Good Friday and Easter Monday off. Good Friday morning was spent at the church decorating for evening service. My family and I aren’t doing anything this year (their choice, not mine). So, my plans are to catch up on reading – I have to start a book for a book club meet up at the end of April, do some Spring cleaning, go for a run, but mostly staying close to home and getting stuff done that I never have time to do on weekdays. Looks like a lot of organizing and re-organizing will be had. Oh, and I’m starting my seedlings for my balcony garden. Last but not least, I plan to go for walks, hit Starbucks with my laptop and prepare posts for the week. Have an awesome Easter with your family! xo

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  5. Australian Easter goes from Friday to Monday but in recent years the stores started opening on Saturday, I grew up in Australia with everything shutting down for 4 days over Easter

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