Pick a side

The other day I was at the movies, and I realized something kind of weird – I have “a side”. Like you know how most people have one side of the bed that they prefer to sleep on (the left just in case you wanted to know) – well I have a side for life in general.

I find that since I’m left-handed, I carry my purse on my left arm/shoulder. Or, if I have my messenger bag, I wear it cross body so that the bag falls on my left hip. I also carry children on that hip too – it’s a good hip haha!  Maybe I should put a tattoo on it…a Scottish thistle or something…But that’s not the point! Focus, T!

Okies, so since I have my bag/purse/random child on my left side, I always like people I’m walking with to be on my right. Do you have this too? It feels weird to walk with someone on my left side. It also means that my right hand is usually one that is free from holding other things, so if I’m gonna hold your hand, it’s on the right-hand side. *car keys in left-hand reaches for your hand with right hand, checks for cars in the parking lot – ok let’s go!*

So back to the movies, I was with my bestest and she was on my left and it was weird. It just felt so awkward to turn to the left to say something. I cross my left leg over my right so I’m already kind of leaning to the right in the first place. And if it was a date, that’s the shoulder I’d snuggle into.


this cat is me…but on the wrong side…


This is where my weird realization came from.

Now that I’m getting to this point, I’m realizing that maybe this entire post is weird…

It’s weird, isn’t it?

Do you have a side?

17 thoughts on “Pick a side

  1. Not so much, but I did (almost) have a hissy fit at Panera’s yesterday. People normally walk to the right in a mall, or on a sidewalk. Well, I was in line for lunch and this woman walked towards me and I had to move so she could pass. There was plenty of room in the corridor is she walked to her right, but nooooooooooooooooooooo. She had to make me move. Can you tell I was cranky yesterday? 😀

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    • HAHA! Oh yes – that’s totally a thing too! But it’s also just so natural to gravitate to the right when walking since we do the same when driving right? In Korea, I found that it was the opposite, people would walk on the left, not the right. Sometimes I catch myself on the wrong side hehe.

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  2. I’m like you. Right side of the bed. I cross my left over my right and I prefer – if on a date with a guy I like and we’ve been together a while – people to sit on my right. But I’m left handed. I don’t mind people on my left, I just prefer my right because holding hands left handed for me feels weird. When I was dating Ghost boy, he moved in with his brother back home, our sleeping arrangements got all messed up. I was used to sleeping on his left and somehow we ended up flip flopping after I’d just finally gotten adjusted to sleeping on the left side of the bed. It was horrible!

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      • oh dear!! It’s ok! I’ve been up since 5 am for literally no reason other than my brain decided that it was time for me to be awake. I’m running on fumes right now and I haven’t even started work yet…


    • Yeah, it definitely is just a preference, I don’t mind people on my left, it just feels awkward in certain situations, like you said with holding hands.

      But oh no the sleeping thing!! It’s so strange to me because right now, if I’m at my place or my parents place (the only places I’m sleeping in beds) I am on the right side of the bed when sleeping, but that’s just because of how the bed is set up. If I ever have the choice of either side, I always set myself up on the left. It’s strange how we form certain habits as we get older lol


  3. I’m a lefty but I’ve gone through life on the left and the right. For example, I’m more comfortable writing and eating left-handed, but I play badminton and use scissors with my right, never my left! I bat right-handed, throw left-handed, crochet right-handed. Weird haha. But like you I also carry a (messenger, hand bag) bag and my son on my left. I’ve slept on my right side for like, forever – when I was pregnant I learned it was healthier and safer to sleep on the left side and it felt so weird!

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  4. I like when people walk on my right side. It just feels easier. I had this one friend where if I was walking on the right side of them, we’d switch sides because they preferred people on their left. It’s very weird haha

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  5. Oh my goodness, I just discovered your blog, and it’s pure magic! Your posts are great, and I especially love this one because I have a side too!! My right side is my dominant side for literally everything. I can’t help it 🙂

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