Couples who coffee together

Stay together!

That’s the saying, right? 

As a self-declared Pinterest addict, here are some more of the coffee cups I’ve been pinning. Pinterest has taken a leap since Christmas when it started suggesting snowflake engagement rings, now it’s suggesting couples mugs. Which are adorable, bee tee dub’s. And since I said in my last post about coffee mugs that the next installment would be coupley ones, here we are.

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Gifts For Boyfriend, I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt, Funny Coffee Mugs, Dat Ass, Dat Beard Mug, Couples Mug, Gifts For The Couple, Mature by MaxandMitchCo on Etsy


Sharpie + Dollar Store mugs + Bake at 350 for 30 mins = easiest personalization ever. I love the quote too!

ok, I know this isn’t for a couple but GAH Mr. Darcy gets me every single time. 


I Like Her Butt and I Like His Muscles by MommaBearsKeepsakes

also “her buns, his guns” so many variations on this one!




look the handles are little hearts!




zulily | something special every day

again, not a coupley mug, but still! 

Next time: tv shows and movies!



21 thoughts on “Couples who coffee together

  1. I like the bestie mugs! I still have to get my friend one as it’s really cute. They put the two girls on their with different or same hair colors and it says “You Are My Person” like from Grey’s Anatomy. Still the only quote I know from that show, but still. Bestie mugs are a must even if I don’t drink coffee.

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  2. Lol, so i feel slightly bad for commenting when everyone else thinks this is sweet…but those cups with “goes together like…” look really unfair to me. The person who gets stuck with the cup on the left is stuck with way less coffee/tea, while the person with the cup on the right gets a normal portion.

    That is the kind of unfairness that could split you up!

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