Let’s Check In

How’re ya’ll doing today? 

I feel like I’ve kind of been a little disconnected with most of you guys lately! So let’s just check in! It’s been a crazy month so far and I have another one coming up!

I still haven’t moved. I’m in my little bedroom full of boxes. Every day I have to open one and dig around to find something that I want/need for that day. On Saturday I finally broke down and dug out my nail polish stuff to re-do my toenails. Every time I’d go down into a downward dog or a forward bend in yoga I’d see the ugly chipped polish and I finally had enough! It took about 5 minutes to get the stuff because the acetone is in a box in the bottom of *that* pile and the polish was in the drawer of a rolling thing hidden behind *this* pile of boxes. It was a workout just getting the stuff out.

Then, I was feeling the need for some best friend love and took a spur of the moment trip to Kitchener on Sunday. It could be because I’m fully emersed in Kitchener feelings right now as I try to power through my A to Z challenge posts, but it was awesome! She drove in, I took the bus, we had lunch and did a little shopping and watched a movie. I did find out that I have to throw away my medi-rings though. I love them but the varnish is wearing off after over two-years and they are starting to turn my fingers blue haha. It’s time to let them go.

Speaking of A to Z – how’s that going for people who are participating? I have written up and scheduled posts all the way up to R so only a few left to go! My goal is to have the last 8 done before the end of the week but we’ll see.

At the end of this week, it’s Easter!! But you guys knew that already. I’ll be gone for the weekend but not from my blog too much. Saturday is my uncle’s birthday, Sunday is Easter and April Fool’s AND my dad’s 70th birthday. Plus I want to see my wife while I’m home because I miss her! Hopefully for sushi if we can squeeze it in!

Then I’m bringing my bed back from my parents’ so I can finally move into the nanny suite here. Then it’s my birthday which is another road trip. See? My life is bananas!

Only 20 days until my birthday so maybe start posting those cards in the mail now so they can make it here on time. Presents aren’t necessary but always accepted hehe.

How is your spring shaping up!? Fill me in, let me know!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Check In

  1. Well I pulled the trigger on my Holy Grail dress yesterday! I got it for $125. So there’s that. I also got a BUNCH of new vinyl records. A couple that I had been looking for and a couple that I’m going to frame for the future. And I got a new tulle skirt I didn’t need but I thought what the heck. They only had a size small in it which is my size and it’s blush.

    Now for easter and my lilly dress to get here! I can’t wait!!!!

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