I’m a pretty big deal

That’s right! Woke up to TWO nominations for awards – so ya, I’m kind of a big deal.

Since this was totally unexpected, and so sweet and appreciated, I’m going to combine the two together. Also, it’s Monday and I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit lazy at this present moment haha. Also, if you want to know the rules and all that, click the names in the next sentence haha.

SO!! A big, huge, glitter covered, with a cherry on top, thank you to both Orla and Paul. You guys rock my world. Keep on being awesome.

Orla’s Sunshine Award questions were:

1. What is your best way to relax? Gimme a book, a cup of hot chocolate and a big comfy couch! Or some yoga. Or getting my nails done and getting a hand massage

2. Avocado on toast, cauliflower rice or edamame beans- which trendy nibble would you eat if you could only have one of these to feed you for an entire week? This was easy for me since my breakfasts all week are avocado on toast. It’s just SO yummy! And so many ways to do it. Today was just lightly buttered toast, avocado, salt and pepper. But you can throw on some tomatoes, and it would be YUM. Or a fried egg sunny side up? OR some cottage cheese. Too. Many. Delicious. Options. 

3. Which dystopian world based text had the most effect on you? totally had to google what you meant by this haha. And I honestly haven’t read very many on the Wikipedia list that I found. But I did read 1984 and Lord of the Flies and The Handmaid’s Tale. And I have Fahrenheit 451 on my list for my next library visit. OOO The Lorax is one?! I love Dr. Seuss (hehe sorry still looking at this list) 

4. What is your version of an actual perfect world? I’ve never really thought about a “perfect” world. I think each version of life needs to have the not-perfect just to make us really appreciate the good things. Life would be so boring if it was perfect. 

5. What gives you a little fright every time it happens?😨 The dogs barking at work. They are poodles and have a very deep bark and when it’s really quiet in the house, and they start to bark, I jump every time. 

6. Intimidating, introspective or idealist- which is closer to your personality and why is that? I think probably a mixture of introspective and idealist. But I’m not really sure! 

7. Which year would you care to revisit from your life and why? I don’t think I’d want to revisit my past haha! Maybe when I was 12/13. I made a few choices that kind of steered my entire life after that and maybe I might go back and change those. But then I wouldn’t be who I am today so maybe not? 

8. What can make you petty? Ugh! Literally the smallest of things!! Ooo I see how you haven’t put the scissors back into the knife block…again…and just laid them on the counter IN FRONT OF THE FREAKING KNIFE BLOCK…AGAIN!!!! …..*deep calming breaths* hehe 

9. Zoos. Yes or No? Why? YES!! But only if you’re going to be super duper extra careful and humane to the animals. Because how else am I ever going to see a live hippo up close? I’m not planning on going to Africa anytime soon haha. 

10. You must emigrate and spend the rest of your days in either a suffocatingly hot climate or a bone-freezing sub-zero temperature. Where would you go and why? Cold. Bring it! If it’s too cold then I can always do things to get warm. But if it’s too warm, I’m miserable. 

11. Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, Sofia Copella or Quentin Tarantino. One of these famous directors wants a to make the film of your life. Which one of these would you select for the job and why? (Spielberg wasn’t interested. Sorry!) I didn’t want Hitchcock or Tarantino so I think I’ll go with Peter Jackson? Again, I had to google, but I like a lot of his movies that came up in my 2.5-second google search haha. 

And from Paul’s Mystery Blogger:

  1. If you had to put one thing in a time capsule that you would open 10 years from now, what would it be? Why is it just one thing, Paul? Uuuuhhhh….maybe something technological so that I could compare it to what is available then? lol 
  2. What is your ideal meal? One that I don’t have to clean up after 😉 
  3. Are you a good speller? Relatively so – there are words that get me every single time! Like recipe, receive – most of them are weird i/e combinations haha 
  4. What is a lesser-known song that you like? I’m not sure if it’s really “lesser known” but right now I’m totally digging on Joss Stone again. I was into her in my late teens/early 20’s but now I’m back. Or old school songs like “Just One Look” by Doris Troy or “Push Over” by Etta James 
  5. How awkward are you? I like to think that I’m a pretty normal person, but I have to admit I’m really awkward. Especially if it’s the first time meeting someone, or if it’s one of those “I literally know only one person in this place and they are off with someone else at this moment, so I’m just gonna stand over here and try not to look awkward” situations haha 

Ok, onto the nominations – which is something that I hate to do because I feel like I’m leaving people out. And each of these awards asks you to nominate like 20 people, and that’s just bananas. So what I’m going to do is nominate a few people, who will be linked below, but ya’ll won’t know who they are. You’ll be notified by WordPress if you’ve been linked, don’t worry. And if you are all nosey and want to see who I’ve nominated, click the links to find out! All of them are amazing bloggers who you should be following anyway! Trust me on this one. Also, Orla and Paul feel free to answer the questions as well.

Obviously you, and you, you and you. But also you, you, you, you, you, you and you.


  1. what is the weirdest thing a child has ever said to you or asked you or that you’ve had to say to a child? I’ll start the ball rolling on this one: On Thursday I actually said “you peed on the floor?!” to an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD…. who’s next?
  2. Pie or cake?
  3. Do you have a sports team that you hate but like for no reason? For me, it’s the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Canadiens. GAH Seriously can’t stand those teams.
  4. What’s your favourite flower – yes, guys, you have to answer this one too.
  5. What’s your middle name?

32 thoughts on “I’m a pretty big deal

  1. Hey! I’m a you? Thanks!!

    1. I don’t hang with kids very often, so this is kind of difficult… I had one ask me why my hair was red. I told him it was because I had anger issues.
    2. Cake 1,000,000%
    3. Cowboys (NFL). Granted, I’m a Redskins fan and they are our absolute rivals, but also their fans really are the worst in the world.
    4. Dahlia (hence the tattoo) 🙂
    5. Erin

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow two nominations! I could only imagine waking up to that kind of ego boost lol

    1. I’ve had kids say a lot of weird things to me. I had one tell me my drawings sucked and that I had no future, while another one said to me “Tomorrow I’m going to be 5 years old…ooo magic carpet!” And then he proceeded to run to a carpet that had been rolled up.

    2. Cake

    3. Ottawa Senators. I hate them but I wish them well. I don’t understand myself.

    4. I don’t know that I have a favourite flower? Anything yellow? Is that an acceptable answer?

    5. Edward

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on 2 nominations! 🙂

    1. What is the weirdest thing a child has ever said to you or asked you or that you’ve had to say to a child?
    The weirdest things I usually say to my almost 6 month old son is : “No, that’s not a teether! Noooooo, you can’t put that in your mouth!”
    I wonder what I’ll be saying a year or more from now! I’m already planning a journal of all the random things he’ll be saying when he can talk. It’ll be funny.

    I’m drawing a blank on things kids have said to me. I mean I am SURE that some kid has said something weird to me at one point or another.

    2. Pie or cake? Ice cream cake all the way.

    3. Do you have a sports team that you hate but like for no reason? The Sytherin Quidditch team! They sure play dirty but they have an awesome color scheme.

    4. What’s your favourite flower? Anything I’m not allergic to 🙂 I would have to say a sunflower because they look so cheerful and their seeds make delicious snacks.

    5. What’s your middle name? Marie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww! I bet you will be hearing some pretty crazy things soon! I had another doozy tonight so it’s been added to a note I keep on my phone haha.

      And awesome other answers! I love sunflowers! They are so lovely!


  4. How fun! I love these and getting to know more about other bloggers! And as I’m a “you,” :D, I’d love to play!
    1. Not to majorly embarass him, but one morning, my very young son (6 or 7), going into the bathroom and asking through the door, “Why is it so BIG?” All I could manage back was “It happens sometimes.” 😮
    2. Definitely cake. And more specific, cupcake, 😀
    3. No other sports team that I like. I’m a true blue Seattle fan, so it’s Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners no matter what.
    4. I love roses. When I was young, my grandmother had a rose garden, and the roses smelled so good I would eat the petals, lol. (they don’t smell as yummy store bought) Another favorite is lilac.
    5. Kaye. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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