To the people who design pajamas

Just a little side note for those reading: if you have an aversion to reading about and/or entering into a discussion about nipples…maybe this post isn’t for you. And also why it doesn’t start until after the “read more” line. 

So I was out buying pyjamas today. First of all, I love pyjamas. They are cute and comfortable so what’s not to love? Except the fact that I can never find any hippo ones! I love sets, or just mix and match. Whatever. But I decided that I would get a new set for the summer. Like I didn’t really *need* them, but it’s almost my birthday and I’m treating myself and in a few weeks I’ll be spending a weekend at my brother’s and wanted “he lives with male housemates” appropriate pyjamas…which all mine are except for the reason of this post.

While trying to decide which one to get, I had a realization – not a single pyjama top could be worn without the possibility of nipples showing through. It was either too low cut on the side, or the fabric was just that soft cotton that makes sleeping so nice but shows everything. And that totally frustrated me.

Why not just wear a bra to bed, T? You might ask.

Well because it’s uncomfortable! And I don’t feel like I should have to put one on when I first wake up. Don’t get me wrong, I am also in love with my bras because they are all that Body Kiss style that I raved about so long ago. BUT I don’t want to sleep in them because wires…duh! And soon it will be too warm to pull on a sweater.

When I was younger, maybe in my early-ish teens, I had the best pair of pyjamas. It had one of those “built-in bra” things on the top – you know basically just an extra piece of fabric with an elastic around the bottom on the inside of the top? The fabric was thick enough that it kind of hid any signs of nipples. Which was awesome. But I have never seen that since.

And the same thing happened today! All the cute sets that I wanted would have had the same nipple problem. It’s ridiculous!! And it’s the same problem with bathing suits too!! Especially if you consider how much hoopla is created when a woman shows her nipple(s) in a picture on like Instagram or something.

A few years ago, I kind of solved the problem by sleeping in a little sports bra – one that gives no support and has no wires and is probably made for a 12 year old girl who just wants to say she is wearing a bra. But the material is kind of thin-ish so it doesn’t *really* work. BUT today, I found another solution. There were cute little padded bralettes. So, not only did I get new pyjamas, but also a little bralette that has no wires and is padded and the back is all lacy and it looks super comfortable and if it really is I might just go back and get other ones for non-sleep wearing haha.

So, yes. That was my rant! Ladies – are you with me on this? Or am I just being ridiculous? Was this too much of an over-share?

25 thoughts on “To the people who design pajamas

  1. I don’t think it’s an overshare, but I guess if someone can see nipples through my pjs, they’ll just have to put up with it. There is no way i’d wear a bra to bed!

    I normally sleep without clothes though, so I already feel very covered when I’m in pjs!!

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  2. I hear ya gurl! I usually wear a t-shirt to cover up the centerpieces. Haha ok, I might be too much of a guy for this one… Wouldn’t wearing a t-shirt in the bedroom and throwing the PJ top over it do the trick?.. Asking for a friend

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  3. Lol, you’re too funny! That’s why I enjoy your blog… no subject is taboo, 😀 . If I choose to relax in jammies… braless… I will wear a cardigan of sorts or extra button up shirt (left open) to cover up the essentials. But then again, I have a teenage son and I really don’t want to be the reason he ends up in therapy, 😀

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    • Haha!!! Honesty is the best policy here, Paula! I did feel a little weird writing it but it was my rant. I did realize that its probably being around so many other people that makes it an issue for me…the students I live with, the possibility of the kidlets just showing up at the house lol “others” definitely play a part in it

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    • Gah!! I know, right?!?! Its so lame! Although I did sleep in the new bralette last night and it is hands down one of the most comfortable things in the entire world! I’ll probably just spend the summer sleeping in it sans pj-top

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  4. I don’t like constricting clothing, while sleeping. I do my panties (cah-sahns for you Cajuns) and not much on top. Maybe a tiny tank with thin straps. If I’m in mixed company I’ll add these yellow boy shorts that are so comfortable. Dear God, I hope a fire doesn’t start in the middle of the night, I’ll be screwed trying to get dressed and get the hell out! 😆 😆

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  5. SO agree! And as you get older, and the boobs get a bit bigger/lower… sounds like you found a good solution. But please, everyone: DO NOT WEAR AN UNDERWIRE BRA TO BED! (unless just for sexy times- but don’t sleep in it!) Those babies need to move and relax and flop… haven’t you seen the latest research? x

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    • Haha no I haven’t seen the research -But I had a friend of mine who would wear a full on underwired sports bra to bed!! Omg can you imagine?!?! I think I did find the perfect solution for my living situation haha. That bralette is *sooo* comfortable!

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