Write Club

Like Fight Club, but with words, cos we’re cool like that.Β 

Last week, I think it was while setting up my post for my A to Z reveal, I came across this contest called Write Club. I suggested it to a friend of mine who write more fiction pieces than I do, and honestly, I think writes better fiction than I do. It seems like a pretty awesome contest for people who write!

Ok, yes IΒ write, but not like anything substantial or whatever. It’s all flowery and bubbly and yeah, ok, I’ve got doubts about my talent so I kind of wishy washied around it until one day I made this friend a bet. A bet that I was SURE I was going to win (aka not have to submit), but I didn’t. I lost.

And so…as proof…


See? I did it. I can take defeat and my consequences.

It honestly took me about 30-45 minutes to write and edit my 500-word submission but it’s done now. And I kind of feel pretty good about that. Even though I am 110% convinced it won’t make it past the slush round.

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