Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

coffee love GIF by Aishwarya Sadasivan

To continue on with my various Pinterest finds, I have started a new board on my Pinterest account. It’s only for cups and mugs that are adorable! I would start to save them on my “cute!!” board but, once I did that a few times, Pinterest has decided to suggest all the cute mugs in existence so I had to make a new board. Hence this post! A lot of my writing time for the next two weeks will be tied up in A to Z posts, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. So enjoy these super *me* mugs:

Not Today Satan Mug | Awesome Coffee Mug | Girly Mugs | Coffee Lovers | Pop Culture |


Sassy Classy & a bit Smart Assy - Cute Coffee Mug - Hand Painted - Perfect Gift - Funny Quote

I am so crafty I sweat glitter Coffee Mug - Funny Mug  - 11 or 15 oz. Coffee Mug - Tickled Teal

This coffee mug was made for the lazy person who knows there is always a tomorrow to get things done. Let your Spanish shine with this funny Hakuna Mañana parody of being lazy and letting things go until last minute!

Cute Mugs - Gifts for Friends - I'm Not Eye Candy I'm Soul Food Mug Ceramic Coffee Cup

Hahahaha yes!

I Can and I Will. Watch Me Mug, Inspirational Quote Coffee Cup, Blue Handle and Rim

Next time (not tomorrow, don’t worry!) I’ll do one on couples mugs, like this one:

Valentines Day gift for him funny boyfriend gift valentines #boyfriendgiftsideas #boyfriendanniversarygifts #giftsforhim

Also, just a tiny reminder that my birthday is in 26 days.

25 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

    • Yaaaasssss mini-parties!

      I usually only have coffee when I first wake up, but my mug is pretty cute. It was a gift from my bestest and it has a quote about teaching on it. I also have a garden gnome mug *somewhere* in the sea of boxes that has taken over my room lol


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