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*squeeeee!!* Brace yourselves! A to Z is just a few weeks away! I am so excited you guys!

Today is all about the theme! I have always used a theme because, as a little bit of an organizational freak, I like to have the structure that a theme provides.

This year, I am doing a theme which I really hope you will enjoy!

Image result for kitchener rangers

Yes! That’s right! It’s going to be all about the Kitchener Rangers.

The Rangers were the first hockey team that I ever saw play. I was in grade 9 and it was over March Break (and I’m actually writing this over March Break! How neat!!) I was instantly in love with the team and the sport. For the next 5 years, I was a little tiny bit obsessed. I’ve mellowed out a little bit now. But the Rangers will always be my team. Especially in the OHL (Ontario Hockey League).

I grew up in Kitchener, and when the players would be living in the city for the season, they all went to my high school. There was no way to escape them!

Since I went to high school with the team, had them in my classes, my friends dated them, we all loved to hate them, and loved to crush on them, I have lots of stories about the players. Now, not all of them are 100% true. It’s been a solid minute since I was in high school so maybe my memory has misplaced some of the facts. Or maybe, maybe, the “facts” were just idle high school gossip.

Either way, April is going to be all about hockey on this blog. And boy do I have stories for you!

I’ve tried to keep each day to only one player, usually one that I actually went to school with. But somedays I had to write about more than one. I’ll try to keep it brief but ya’ll know how much I love a good run-on sentence!

Just a few things: most pictures in this challenge will come from Google.

A few definitions:
puck bunny: a girl who dates 2 or more players over the course of high school
rink rat: a girl who will hang out at the rink after school to watch practice and hook up with the players.
please note that I was neither of these

Plus, most of the stats and information about the player’s hockey careers will be coming from Hockey Database. Links will be provided each day.

Let’s get this started!!

Image result for kitchener rangers

All pictures in this post provided via google search

27 thoughts on “#atozchallenge #ThemeReveal

  1. I don’t know much about Hockey either, although I did go to a game here in Vancouver with my friend. 😀

    Hopefully I can learn more from you this month.

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