30 Days of Squats

Yeah – I did another challenge. It happens. I like challenges. Mostly because I can be all “omg I’m totally going to CRUSH THIS!” but just with myself.

I’m pretty sure Fat Amy is my spirit guide

I kept seeing these “100 squats for 30 days” or “100 lunges for 30 days” things and I wanted to try one. Since I don’t have a lot of room in my bedroom, I decided on squats. Lunges take up way too much room. I also decided to chronicle my thoughts through-out this process. To start here’s a picture I took about two weeks before I started this (because I didn’t have the thought to take a picture on the first day…)


Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

I’m blowing you a kiss because I know I’m going to rock this


Day 1: Decided on 4 sets of 25 squats. First set, totally easy. Got 3 sets done before work. Legs a little tight but it’s ok. It’s only the first day. Did the last set before my shower after work and it killed me. The first 80 squats were totally ok. The last 20 were not.

Day 2: My butt hurts. I just got my bruise to go away from falling on the stairs at work and now I’m doing this to my butt. WHY do I hate myself? It’s good that it hurts though – it means it’s working. Ps: Why does it take so much leg involvement to put on skinny jeans? I hate you skinny jeans! (not really, I love you, please ignore my cranky panda status right now)

Day 3: skinned my knee last night. Yeah, that makes this sssoooo much easier…

Day 5: Leg muscles are starting to loosen up now. Easily getting in all 100 before 2pm when I leave for work.

Day 7: squats are getting too easy. Gotta go down farther.

Day 10: getting all 100 in before lunch now!! But with going down farther, I still can only do 25 at a time. Maybe by day 20, I will be able to do more than 25 in a row.

Day 11: exhausted today from not enough sleep. The first 50 were done by lunch but really spaced out, did the 3rd set at around 7pm and it felt someone stabbed me in the left thigh. Won’t be doing the last 25 today. Maybe I can get an extra 25 in tomorrow to make it up. That was a lie. I told myself to “suck it up buttercup!” and I did the last 25. 

Day 15: I’m taking a rest day today – halfway through and for some reason, the squats are getting harder not easier. Maybe it’s because, with each day, I’m doing them better and making my muscles work more? Anyways, here’s a picture! I made sure to wear the same leggings for comparison.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoes

Day 16: Almost gave up today. 15 days is better than nothing…but then I didn’t! AND I got all 100 in before lunch. Snaps for me. Note to self: don’t take rest days…they make my muscles ache and it’s harder to get started up again

Day 20: thank goodness this is almost over. I feel like I’ve lost motivation to get all these in every day. It’ll be after dinner and I still have 50 left to go so I have to quickly do them….10 more days…I’m getting so bored of this

Day 22: went to the YMCA with the kids today. 2nd and 4th always weigh themselves before they change into their karate uniforms. After my body positive post today I decided I should as well because they always want me to. Found out I’ve lost 6lbs since Christmas. Pushing 40lbs since January 2017! Although that’s not the point of this challenge. Just a bonus I guess. I’ve also noticed that my calf muscles are getting just a little bit more defined which is weird to see. Them getting bigger but my skinny jeans fitting better around my calves is strange…gah I might even have to go shopping again…I hate shopping!

Day 26: did two sets in less than 10 minutes! WOOT. Easier than I imagined.

Day 27: Got distracted trying to figure out what day it was in my challenge and realized I had counted up to 29 instead of 25 for my first set this morning. Decided I’m not responsible to just stop at 30 and remember that I stopped at 30, so I pushed it and did a double set. The last 10 were killers.

Day 29: Tomorrow is the last day!! I think I’m going to miss this. Do you think packing/moving boxes count towards my total? What about just regular things in life. I bet I’ve been doing so many more squats than I need to.

Day 30: The end has come!! And, while at the time of posting this, I still have 50 left to go for today, I’m happy to say that I’m done! That’s amazing! Especially because if it was any longer, I’d have no space in my room to rearrange the boxes to take a picture in front of my closet. I wore the same outfit and did the same post as the first picture just to see if there was a difference. I’m not really sure if there is? But I wasn’t really looking or hoping for one. I just wanted to do the challenge.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoes

Look how cool I am – I did it!

So there we have it Giggling Followers, I finished the squat challenge! And I didn’t die. Imagine that hehe.

And now with the knowledge that this challenge brought me, I’m going to go and watch America’s Next Top Model and think to myself that I could *totally* be a model now that I’ve lost another 6lbs and I finished this challenge. Tyra, I’m waiting for your call boo.

33 thoughts on “30 Days of Squats

  1. Way to kill it! I went on ‘Spring Break’ last week and stopped my diet/exercise routine and then had a snow day this past Monday, so yesterday was the first day back at it…. it sucked!

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  2. You go! I have so many challenges like this saved but right now I haven’t gotten a work/workout balance yet since I’m only on week two at work. But hopefully soon the weather is going to perk up and I can start walking in the mornings if I get to work early enough – there’s a park next to us with a track.

    Squats are the best though because your butt looks so amazing after and if you keep doing them every other day it gets even better!

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  3. Yay for sticking with it! I remember doing wall squats in gym class back in the day… the next day, fiery thighs and calves! I thought I was dying. I could barely walk up the stairs ha

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    • Haha! The first few days were harsh! But then it got better lol last night 4th was being all clingy so I carried her up stairs to bed and like 3/4 of the way there my legs were like “ummm what is happening right now?!?!” Hehe

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  4. Well done! You inspired me to do some before Tasmania… but not enough :/
    I think I’m going to take on this challenge (better late than never); I wonder if it will lift my arse up a bit?? My bum is pretty good for 51, but I do want to stay strong for my old age ; )

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That is awesome! I HATE to exercise! And you know what else I hate? Not knowing how to spell hat word automatically. I alwayssssss chop it up! 😆 I shall do my walking more, …..maybe. Getting through some stuff first. Thanks for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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