Moving! Again!

It’s finally happening! It’s moving day! For some of us. 

So you all know that my life is straight up bananas some days. Most days actually. If you read this post which explains about 95% of it, you’d understand why. But today, instead of having two houses to think about, my employers now have three.

My boss’ two sisters bought a house which is directly across from the house where my kidlets live. This was for the eldest sister and her mom to live in. So it’s not really my employer’s house, but she is basically taking over the responsibility to get it all set up. Which has made things a bit crazy these last few weeks.

They took possession on February 13th and now it’s finally ready to move into. The house where I live is full of boxes, and my room is too.

So this is what’s happening: the aunt living in the nanny suite is moving over, the granny who lives here is moving over and one of the students is moving over. Another student is moving into granny’s room. I am switching from my one bedroom plus sink into the nanny suite so I’ll have like a little apartment all to myself (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, office, and sitting area in the kitchen). I’m not sure what furniture is going to be left in there so I’ll have to see after the move happens.

And now I’m stuck in this “I hate packing!!” stage. Like I seriously hate it. The majority of my stuff is in boxes or luggage, I literally just gave up on packing my summer things this morning. I started to fill a suitcase and after a few minutes of folding things nicely, I got to a large pile that I didn’t have to take off hangers (some hangers are mine, some stay in the bedroom) and I just took them out of the closet and laid them into the suitcase – still on the hangers. I don’t care. I’m over it. If I’ve counted correctly, since January 2010 (so in eight years) I have moved 12 times. Twelve freaking times!!! Sure three of those times were within this house (moved in the first of July, was in 1 room for 2 weeks, then this room, now switching again), and I have moved overseas and back twice, and out for university twice.

The one good thing about all of this is that I will be getting my own bed. Not that I’ve been sharing – but I mean my bed from my parents’ house which was bought for me and which is so comfortable and I love it.

Basically, once we had a confirmed moving date and I was told that I could have the twin bed that goes with the suite or bring my own (BRING MY OWN!!), I have been having the worst nights of sleep ever. I can’t get comfortable, my back hurts in the morning, I wake up 700,000 times every night. It’s like my body is like “yeah, we’re done on this half-ok mattress, when do we get to sleep on the good one?”

Friday. Body – it’ll be Friday!! Please let me sleep!!!

I’m picking it up from my parents and moving it here. Now if any of you strong people want to offer your muscles to help me move said bed, it would be greatly appreciated. And maybe the one box that I put all my books into which is now too heavy for me to lift hehe.

17 thoughts on “Moving! Again!

  1. I wish I could be there to help! I can’t offer anything in the muscle department but maybe I’d help turn it into some sort of game? It is nice that you’ll get your own space to yourself!

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    • About half of the big move is done so thats nice! And I honestly only have the one big heavy box haha. But if you were close enough I’d tell you to bring Luke and then I’d be distracted and not get any work done 😏😏

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    • Haha!! No lunges! But the move is going ok. They are moving a house from about 45 mins away to here so all that stuff was moved into the new house yesterday. The stuff from this house is going to be moved hopefully Thursday or Friday to the new house. And I bring my bed here on Friday so I really hope the second stage of moving is Thursday lol

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