Hey!! HEYYYY!!!

*knocks on the glass window, faced pressed up against it, yelling in a half-muffled way* GUYS…IS ANYONE GONNA LET ME IN?


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So it’s been a weird week over here at casa de NLFF, and it’s finally Friday which is my day off so of course it’s packed with errands and the need to pack up my room, and ya know what? I’m ignoring it for you. Yes – you. Why? Because I love you. And because I know you love me, don’t try to hide it. If you’re here sharing in the crazy, there’s some love. You know it.

I’m sure you can tell by now I’m running on like half nights sleeps for about the last three nights. Don’t ask me why – apparently my brain is taking a sleep strike and has yet to give me a list of its demands so I can start negotiations with its union rep.

In the mean-time, I want every single one of you to go over to my friend Patti’s blog. She’s new to WordPress but not to me. We met in South Korea when I was living there through a book club she organized and then later, was the person who introduced me to the game Dungeons and Dragons and my pink, glitter filled dice.

She just started her blog, A Grand Day Out, about trying a new thing every month. Go check her out, she talks about chess for January, which is something I have never taken the time to learn properly, so snaps to her for learning.

Share the love peeps and meeps! It’s Friday!

7 thoughts on “Hey!! HEYYYY!!!

  1. My 5 year old saw a chess game the other day and got so excited. I never learned how to play, I’m wondering if I’m going to have to learn soon. Darn those cute chess sets that appeal to kids!

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