Bragging Moment

Let me just start this off by saying, this is going to be a braggy post – as the title suggested. A super duper, braggy post. With lots of gifs.

Just not about me. You guys get enough of those! This is about 3rd. The only boy out of the 4 kidlets that I nanny.

Yesterday was a fan-freaking-tastic day guys. Seriously. It started off a little rocky with some almost hyperventilating crying at school pick up but it quickly turned around. I had to take 3rd and 4th downtown via transit (bus and subway, about a 45-minute trip one way if the transit gods are smiling on us, and they were). They go to a French immersion school and since basically the only full sentence I can speak in French outside of hi, how are you, is “I don’t speak French” (said in my most disgusted tone and an eye roll), they have an afterschool free tutoring session at a library.

After, since my kids were so amazing, we stopped at Tim Hortons to get a hot chocolate before doing the transit all the way back home.

Now, 3rd is almost 11 (in August), and this past year since he has turned 10, he has transformed into a little gentleman. So when we get to Tim Hortons, he asks what he can have and he has his order all set and ready to give to the guy working at the register. 3rd walks up and I tell him to go ahead and he orders for himself and his sister and me. He double checks that he got the order correct and then steps back to let me pay (if I was paying in cash he insists that he gets to pass the money over because he’s the man, and the man *always* pays T!. But I was using a card so he had to just accept that).

The place was kind of full so I asked him to take 4th and grab two stools which had just opened up. He takes her cute little hand and says “come on 4th, let’s go sit down.” He pulls the stool out for her and makes sure she’s settled before jumping into his own. While I’m waiting for the drinks, I can see him talking to her and pointing out people on the street to keep her occupied.

I stood behind them while drinking my own hot chocolate and a guy comes up to me. He says he’s homeless and asks if I have any change. I’m the type of person who never has any cash in my wallet. Unless it’s from the kids’ mom for things like gas in the vans or snacks, but I didn’t even have that! I apologized to the guy and said I didn’t have any. As we were getting ready to leave, 3rd opens his coat pocket and pulls out a HUGE handful of coins. His own money. He gathers a few quarters and dimes and tells me to wait. He found the man in the store and gave him his own pocket money!

Ok, back on the subway, heading home. The kids get settled into some seats and I pull out my technology for them. 3rd makes sure 4th is all set up before opening up his own games. The guy sitting beside 3rd notices they are playing the same game and the two of them have a cute little conversation together. This guy was probably in his 20’s and he started it “hey man, we’re playing the same game, what level are you on?”

We get off the subway and are walking through the station to the buses and we see a guy playing guitar in one of the hallways. Once more, 3rd’s pocket full of coins comes open (I don’t know where he got all this money to be honest. He has about 30 pennies in there and the government stopped making pennies like at least 5 years ago). He turns to 4th and goes “here 4th! Let’s give him some money!” Once again, he is using his own money to share with others AND he gave away even more so that 4th could drop some into the guitar case as well.

And then he gave me a high five later, and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time in almost a year and a half where he’s initiated a high five with me.

Seriously…I just can’t…





13 thoughts on “Bragging Moment

  1. Cute! One thing I’m curious about—your government has stopped making pennies?

    Comment? Je parle Francais un petite peu. J’adore le langue francais. Felecitations a le garçon pour il generosite. Tres bon. 👏🏼 bravo!. (I added ‘genersosite—unsure of thats really a French version of the word). I’m very rusty in French but I love it!!

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    • Haha yes they have! If you pay in cash then it rounds either up or down to the nearest 5 cent. If paying with a debit or credit card then its just the amount. It actually wasn’t that hard of a transition! I was sooo surprised!!

      And I love the French language too! I can read it a little (totally got everything you wrote) but can’t really speak it. Its the politics around Quebec that makes me hate being forced to learn it in school haha. Don’t get me started!

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