A rant in pictures

I honestly would probably just write in circles if I had to put this into my own words, but it’s kind of been sitting on my mind for about a week now, and it all started with this first quote from Kate Winslet, so listen up!Β 

I make sure to say these things around my kidlets all the time! Especially the girls.

Three Inspiring Body-positive Favorites - Already Pretty | Where style meets body image

I have them list things they are proud of and love about themselves – even if it’s just the smallest things on a hard day.

I'm fat. So what? It's funny...those who kindly point out that someone is fat (as if they didn't already realize they were fat) are the very ones who are....well, just not so pleasing to the eye. If a woman is truly beautiful she can be fat or thin, and still be beautiful. But if a woman is just unattractive...fat or thin she's a mess :/ I think it bothers some to see confident women!:

Heck yes!

Yes, I'm plus size. Yes, I have stretch marks. Yes, my thighs touch. Yes, my tummy jiggles. Yes, I am beautiful. If a guy can't see that, then it's their loss.

Thankfully, I’ve never dated any guy who has made me feel less than beautiful in my own skin. Well, there was that one, but that’s a different story and I’m not counting him.

My life is a constant battle between "He couldn't possibly like me, I'm too chubby." and "Why wouldn't he like me? I'm freaking gorgeous!!!"

Let’s be honest – this is a struggle for me some days.

Laughing, I'm smart, I'm funny, I'm pretty ~

Really, it is only fair πŸ˜‰





27 thoughts on “A rant in pictures

  1. Love this! We all deserve to love our bodies… It is a struggle at times, but it shouldn’t be. What made it easier for me was to start running… I thought at first that it’s because I lost a bit of weight but then I realise it’s because I am proud of what my body can do (i.e. carry me for miles after miles)! Beauty is about all sorts of things, not just what a body looks like.

    Thank you for this post, and thank you for being such a positive influence on those kidlets of yours! πŸ™‚

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    • Aww thanks Frede! I made the choice to really start loving myself a few years ago and it’s been such a positive change in my life. My entire outlook on life changed when I decided to stop hating on my body and myself. What really gets me is that first quote. Growing up I never heard my mom say *anything* positive about her body. Not once. Even now – and she doesn’t really like it when I’m so proud of my own. Which sucks. But maybe one day she’ll see her own true beauty? ❀

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    • Oh no!!! Sometimes my kidlets have a day where they are just constantly eating. I’ve had to change my way of talking about it. Putting it in a positive light of getting what their bodies need because they are hungry. Its good to let them know its ok to eat when they are hungry.

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  2. I love this sooo much!

    I struggled with my weight while I was at Uni, mostly because my ex used to tell me I was chubby all the time. I wasn’t, I was teeny. he ruined my confidence for yeeears though. If I was proud of my body I’d have known to kick him to the curb a lot sooner!

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  3. I have a boy… who constantly eats and is still constantly growing (almost 5’11” at 13yo and is going through a growth spurt right now, I cant keep him fed enough), but he could care less how he looks, lol. Regardless, we still practice positive body image with him as there will come a day. Love this post!! πŸ€—

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  4. Lovely post! I don’t have daughters, but I think I got mixed messages from my mom growing up. Why aren’t you eating more? Don’t wear that, it’s not flattering! Go out for a piece of pie with me. Well, losing a few pounds is fine, but don’t take it to the extreme. I never really knew what I was supposed to do, but I was never a size two, even growing up, and a lot of the girls were. Now I’d kill to be as “fat” as I thought I was back then!

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    • I think I was lucky because my weighr was never an issue from kids at school or from my mom. She was mostly hardest on herself but there are like 1 or 2 comments that stick out in my mind from her that formed a large chunk of my opinion of myself. A mother’s opinion really does form so much and little comments like that are so impactful to young minds.


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