A to Z is up!

2018 #AtoZchallenge participation badge

Peeps and meeps!! A to Z is open for registration! Head on over and sign up if you are thinking of participating in the challenge. I have my theme all set and ready to go! Theme reveal is on the 19th, and the challenge starts on April 1st – seriously. It’s not a joke.

10 thoughts on “A to Z is up!

    • My first year I did while in Korea right before I met you. I used the theme of cities I want to visit. Every day I put up 5 pictures from google and linked the tourism website haha. It was soooo easy but I got through the challenge! And you don’t need a theme if you don’t want one. Its just easier for me to have one. You can TOTALLY do it!! Favourite books and/or authors, childrens toys or boys, D&D things (ps my kidlets LOVE the dice you gave me haha)

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        • Nope! They say if you are writing, try to stick between 500-750 words for blog posts and A toZ suggests 300-500 because people like to read other participants but its up to you. Some people post pictures and write no words haha


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