I’ve been to hell…

And I’ve survived! 

I arrived at work yesterday morning, bright and early, and super bubbly. It was a normal morning for me. Came in and got told that 2 of my kidlets had a birthday party to go to that afternoon but there was a transportation issue. The mom had an appointment to keep so she’d have one of the vans. The dad would be joining her later with the other van. No other parent going to the birthday party could pick up the two girls. So I was talking them on the hour-long transit ride. Which honestly, is no problem. I’ve taken all 4 kids on transit before and sure it’s a handful but they are all old enough now that it’s actually kind of easy. Just make sure that you have the same number of tiny humans getting off the bus as when you got on. And these kids are cute -they say “hi” to every driver, and “thank you!” every time they get off.

It was actually a pretty chill day up until we had to leave. We even left early, which means that hell must have frozen over because that NEVER happens. Don’t tell the kids but I lied about when we had to leave just so that we could leave on time, but even with that 5-minute fib, we were still out of the house earlier than I had originally planned.

The birthday party was for one of 4th’s friends. She is turning 9. 2nd was also invited because a cousin of the birthday girl was going (both almost 12). But this cousin was sick and 2nd was feeling a little bit out of place. She was going to be the only 6th grader there and didn’t want to be the only “big kid”. I totally understand that!

Now, the party started at 3:15 and I planned to be at the place by 3. I’m kind of OCD about that. I hate being late. I always end work at 3 on Saturdays too which would have been perfect. Just drop the girls off, and head home. No overtime for me. But, of course, with kids, you have to be flexible.

Apparently, the transit gods were smiling on us and we arrived 30 minutes earlier than we needed to, so we walked down to a gas station that had a Tim Horton’s in it, everyone got a drink and then we headed over to the party. While we were travelling 2nd was starting to get more and more anxious about being there. She is pretty sensitive to that sort of thing. I told her I’d stay a little while until she felt comfortable with the party. What’s staying an extra 30-minutes to make her feel ok? Plus, if I left at 3:30, and had the hour bus trek back to where I needed to be, I’d still get all my errands done before the store closed at 5.

Walking into this place, called Rinx (check it out it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S), I got a text from the mom “can you stay and bring the girls home at 5:30?” *sigh*. I knew I wouldn’t make it in time to do my errands, but I agreed. By this time, 2nd had lost all her positivity from earlier that day and was starting to withdraw a little bit. Staying would put her mind at ease.

So I stayed.

At a 9-year-old’s birthday party.

With 15 children.

The day after a full moon.

I’m not sure what I had done on Friday to deserve such a punishment, but apparently, I needed to atone for some sins.

It took every single OUNCE of strength in me not to flip on my teacher’s voice. The children were running around the table, throwing the cups, kicking each other, hitting each other with the paper plates, crawling on the floor, picking up chairs to joust with.

Then the activities started.

Lazer tag – which 2nd didn’t want to do. After the first round, 4th came out to try to get her sister to go in but no dice. After the 2nd round, she was successful though! 2nd went in and played the last 10 minutes.

Then it was food and cake. Because, yes, take these crazy little monsters and give them soda and cake. They were dunking their french fries and pizza into the soda!! WHO RAISED THESE KIDS?!

Side note: my kids were really well behaved. And I’m not just saying that because they are my kids. Which they really aren’t because I’m just their nanny, not their parent. But they’re my kids. 

Then came this Balladium game. You go into this room and are locked in, the lights are turned off, and you glow under the black lights. Then you have these air guns that shoot foam balls and you have to hit targets on the other side of the room.  It was AUH-MAZING! I took a video of it before I started to play but I can’t upload it here. Sorries! But it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

I played the last two rounds with the kids and this one little girl just kept bringing me balls. So once I got my gun lined up with the target, I would just hold it there and hit it over and over and over.

2nd played all three rounds in there and she seemed to have a good time! I regret not playing lazer tag, but that’s on me. I should have gone in and she probably would have come in with me.

We left on time and got home around 6:45 (remember how I was supposed to be done at 3?). The parents were across the street at a house one of the aunts bought (the move is happening soon!!) so I had to stay longer until one of them came across so I was at work until 7:20. And I had a house meeting at my house at 7…

And now 2nd thinks she wants her party there but maybe with bowling or mini golf or bumper cars or roller skating. She doesn’t want to copy a 9-year-old when she’s turning 12.

It was a bananas day, but so much fun! I could have gone to sleep by 8 haha.


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