Engraved thingies

I posted on Wednesday that I had to reset my phone. And I lost all my notes. One of those notes contained blog post ideas. Lots of them. And now it’s gone. 

So since I have lost all those ideas and the only one that keeps coming to mind now is “love is a choice” and I’m not in the mood to write about love being a choice right now, ya’ll are going to get some more Pinterest things!!

I know I’ve already used this topic this week BUT Pinterest has been on point lately with its suggestions.

Last time, it was minimalist jewellery, and today is kind of a continuation of that. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery and when I do, I like it to be dainty and classic and super cute. I’ve also really been into initial and/or engraved things. Which is hard because a lot of the suggestions for things like that have been bracelets and I never ever wear bracelets. I wear a watch only to work but even that annoys me. I don’t know why but I don’t like things on my wrist.

Thankfully, Pinterest is overflowing with cute things and I have some options for initials/engraved things that are not bracelets. Just like last time, if there’s a link I can provide, I will. I’m not affiliated with any of these links.

Stackable Rings from Etsy.

Custom Initial Sweetheart Stack Rings Sterling by LittleGreenRoom, $45.00

This heart ring, also from Etsy but is currently unavailable

I'm honestly not a girl that makes a wedding board or look for rings or anything like that, but if he did ever get me a promise ring... I would want it to be something like this.

This circle pendant necklace

Necklace in a loved ones handwriting. A must have!

This signature necklace

Have someone you loves signature made into a necklace. Would love my Dads signature.

Neat huh!? I’m not sure if I’m over the moon with the hearts on the rings, but they are still pretty cute!

I think the next Pinterest post needs to be about mugs. I’ve started a little collection of mugs with cute sayings so I’ll have to share them with you guys later.

5 thoughts on “Engraved thingies

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  2. Almost all of the time, I have something on my wrist. A bracelet, ponytail holder (even though my hair is short and won’t fit into a pony tail) or even/especially rubber bands. My grandmother used to have rubber bands in her wrists. She would remove them from her daily newspaper. I am almost certain that’s where I got the wrist/bracelet/band fixation. Yep! I don’t have engraved jewelry, but I do have engraved word/heart as a tattoo. It’s the best, but the jewelry is nice, also!

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