You don’t need that

My kidlets say as they point to my head. 

While that may seem a little weird to people on the outside, my kidlet was pointing at my wig, not my head.

On Tuesdays, my kidlets have karate. Usually, the mom will drive them and I stay with the oldest (who doesn’t need a nanny and hates that I call her “my kidlet” and is too old and too cool for all of this *motions to self*) but the last few weeks, I’ve been driving the younger 3 to karate. Which is a nice change of pace for me, and a nice quiet hour spent on Pinterest.

Anyway, on Tuesday, 4th didn’t have any homework to get done and she wasn’t feeling very well so she was drawing some pictures. She told me to stand up and turn around. Being the obliging nanny that I am, I did it, no questions asked. Then I sat down. She started to draw my outfit under the plain circle she had drawn for my head. Once she gets down, she looks at me and says “I need to see your hair”.

Now, this girl is not blind. She can see me just fine from sitting beside me at the YMCA. So I look at her with a puzzled look on my face and was like “um…see?” and I put my hand under my hair and gave it a little bounce.

“Nooooo…your real hair!”

Which caused the other two to be like “you’ve already seen it!” “4th! THIS IS THE YMCA!” and then I chipped in “yeah, sweety, not at the YMCA, maybe at home”. She’s so precious sometimes.

But then I remembered the few posts I’ve made about it and showed her one of the two. Because apparently she “needed to remember”. And I’m always honest with these kids and never lie to them (just like with you guys) except for three areas: Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. All three of those exist. Are we clear?! THEY EXIST!

3rd and 4th have seen my real hair in real life. 4th made a huge deal about it the first time but now she doesn’t care. 3rd didn’t say anything about it the first time he saw it. He knocked on my bedroom door and walked in, looked at my head for about half a second with a weird look and was like “can I have a lollipop?” and just helped himself to the little bag of lollipops I keep in here for them.

But 2nd has never seen it. So it was a thing for her. Then she decided she needed to feel my hair. I do keep my real hair as short as possible now just so I don’t have to deal with it and it makes it easier to just pull on my wig and go in the mornings. Then 4th had to as well because she is not to be left out. So there I am, sitting at the YMCA with two little munchkins playing with my hair going “oooo it’s so soft!”. It was an experience that’s for sure. And it made me realize that if it’s long enough for them to see/feel, then it’s time to trim it up *searches for scissors*

Although! Now they seem to think that I’m just going to be going walking around in just my real hair – and that’s a big fat N-to the-O. I love having real conversations about important things with them. Even if they are still young, it’s being able to be open with them. It just makes me realize how much I love my kidlets and how much they love me and accept me for who I am. It’s been a really super kidlet week this week. Making up for the colossal chaos of last week.

29 thoughts on “You don’t need that

    • I think its important to be! Especially here, since this is where I get all the stuff off my mind in order to stay sane lol. And especially with my kidlets. I like them to see that even after all of society’s expectations that I don’t meet, I can still be body positive and love the body that God gave me. Even with all its inconveniences lol

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  1. I busted out laughing when you said the thing about the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny and I couldn’t share it until the kids disappeared because kids!!!!! It was too funny. And god love you for your patience. I have none.

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