Moments of Panic

Uuugggghhhh—I had to do a factory reset on my phone. 

I’m freaking out just a tiny bit. Over the weekend, my phone has been glitching out a little bit.


unfortunately, my glitches aren’t this cute


It’s done this before, but it would always correct itself after a few hours. It started on Friday, the 23rd, and still hasn’t sorted itself out. Monday morning, I called the company and was told that my warranty expired on the 24th and my options are basically: reset it, pay to have it shipped to the company and then pay for the repairs, or buy a new phone.

I’ve only had this phone for a year so I’m not getting a new phone. Plus I love this phone! Honestly, the only thing that’s glitching now (after a system update) is the vibration settings. You know like when you type, you can feel that you’ve touched a letter cos the phone gives a little pulse? Yeah doesn’t happen anymore. Or, if I’m in church, and I want to turn my phone to vibrate so if there’s a kidlet emergency I can hear my phone going off in my purse but it doesn’t interrupt the entire service? Yup doesn’t work anymore. I thought it might have been because I dropped my phone a few weeks ago (whoopsies) but then the sound when typing stopped too. It’s causing me to not pay attention and have more spelling mistakes than I normally would (let’s be real for a second: if I’m texting on my phone, I really don’t care if I make a few spelling mistakes. Whatever, it happens)

So I thanked the dude on the phone and decided to try a reset. I triple checked that my photos were all backed up, it’s a Google phone so at least I don’t have to deal with losing my contacts.

And now I just wait…for my reset to finish…

Thankfully, it reset ok and is now just updating and I’ve noticed the sound is back when I type! WOOHOO. That’s an improvement at least!

It’ll be good to spend the morning without my phone…right…? What does a morning without a phone feel like?! I don’t even know anymore!!

Update: the reset didn’t fix the problem. I lost all my notes and it deleted one contact. One. Contact. From my contact list….

5 thoughts on “Moments of Panic

  1. I hate the way phone manufacturers design phones to break (or start glitching) right after the warranty expires. It is SUCH a wasteful use of the planets resources. They are not cheap, so they should be designed to last for yeeeears. Grr.

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