“That’s your house!”

I’ve been having a few flashbacks to my younger days these last few days, so I thought I’d share a little story. 

I was editing some photos in my spare time and I came across this one which is still waiting to be edited.


I took it last year, over Easter weekend I think, while out driving with my brother. I literally just forced him to pull over on the side of the road so I could take pictures. In the rain.

I remember exactly why I took it. It sparked a memory from when my brother and I were little. We would be in the car, along some back country road, probably going to one of my uncle’s farms, and we would see all these little “houses” along the way. Each one looking more dilapidated than the last. You know, they are most likely little homes for birds or shelters for animals. Sometimes little bus shelters for the farmer’s children. Things like that.

The first person who would see it would (usually) hit the other person and go “HA!! That’s your future home!” This would carry on until either my mom got annoyed (because it’s like every 2 minutes) OR my brother would hit me a little too hard in the shoulder and I would start to complain or cry and then we’d get into a fight in the backseat.

So last year, while out driving with my brother, I forced him to pull over to the side of the road. I took all the photos I wanted, got back into the car, pointed at the little, broken shack and said “ha!! That’s your future home!” before he rolled his eyes at me and we started back on our journey.

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