T – how did you get the name T?

At the beginning of the year, 4th had a school project to learn a little bit about herself and then share it with the class. Which turned into a constant stream of questions for me. 

For this project, she had to find out how she got her name. Naturally, she then turned to ask me how I got my name. And, of course, I had no idea so I had to ask my mom. She gave me a super long story, but I will try to make it short for you.

When she was pregnant with my brother, my parents decided to use names that she had picked out when she was in high school, which is super cute. I even have a list of names that I love for all of the future children I’m never going to have. So they used the boy’s name for my brother, but if he came out a girl it was going to be Bristina.

At the mention of this, I thanked the sweet baby Jesus that I wasn’t born first and didn’t have to live with the name Bristina for my whole life. No offence to anyone who has that name, it’s just not for me.

Just over a year later, when I came along, my parents had settled on Melissa for a girl – which in my opinion is a much better name than Bristina. My cousin apparently thought so as well. Literally, a month before I was born, his wife had their 2nd child and they named her Melissa.  And we all know that you can’t have second cousins with the same first and last name. My parents had from March 9th until my birth (April 15th) to come up with a backup plan.

They finally settled on my name, but it is a short form for a longer name and is usually spelled with an “i” in the middle. However, I had to be special (because I am special haha). My mom’s sister is married to a man named Bryan and my mom really liked how his name was spelled Bryan and not Brian so they changed up my name to go along with that. And my middle name is the same as my Grandma. Probably because I was born the day after her birthday.

I relayed this story to 4th once I knew it. Then the next day she asked again, so I told it again. And again, and again, and again. About 20 times before I got tired of telling it. But then she just kept asking. For a solid month, every two days or so, she would ask and I had to start getting creative in answering her.

My mom turned into many many things and the story changed so many times! I wish I had the foresight to record all of the stories because I am impressed that I was able to come up with them on the spot for her. Some of them included:

  • she had a dream and an angel told her
  • she was rock climbing while pregnant and fell and was in a coma and the name just appeared to her
  • she was visited by an alien race which was called my name
  • she was swimming in the ocean and came across mermaids and was taken to their underwater castle into a room filled with air so she could breathe and she learned the word
  • she was a pirate queen and instead of killing a man in a duel, she let him live and he offered the name of his country’s most precious item as a name for her unborn child
  • she met a traveller from a faraway magical land and was given a gift of the most beautiful flower which was called my name and used that as a baby name

Thankfully 4th has stopped asking now because I think I am plum out of ideas to continue on with the stories! But then the kidlets started to take over. 2nd is the writer in the family and her stories were the best and most elaborate. Once, we drove the 10 minutes from school to the house and her story was still going that all 4 of us (1st goes to a different school so it was only 3 younger kids plus myself) stayed in the van an extra 10 minutes when we got home just to hear the end of it. It was pretty fantastical.

So, peeps and meeps, how did you get your name?

16 thoughts on “T – how did you get the name T?

  1. My dad named me Gretchen. He liked it. My mom did not. I am almost positive my mom started calling me Marie. I even have a baby picture of me, under one year and I think ‘Marie’ is written on the back of the pic. I’ll have to check it.
    And yea, my middle name is my mothers and both my grandmothers middle name. So my middle name is after family. I like it. Allll my life, my family and close friends have called me Marie but only when I began college where I was on a class roll and when I started working that people call me Gretchen. In elementary and high school some teachers did too. My dad and siblings call me Marie. But I introduce myself as Gretchen these days. Hahahaha. It’s nuts!

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  2. My real name my parents picked ‘because it flowed’ (and they always do hand motions….) and it’s an old lady name, popularized in the 30s and even then it was NOt common. There is a Hollywood star with my full maiden name on it, and that makes me think it’s less silly.

    When I was young, and…. now… I am super sarcastic. Beyond sarcastic. So as a kid my dad called me smart Alex, in a negative light…. then he just gave up and started calling me Alex. Now most people don’t know my real name at all. Legal mail shows up at work and work people are all ‘huh?’ Who? Is that person related to Alex?

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  3. This was a really great story! I like how creative the origin of your name became too 🙂 I need to ask where “Patti” came from but my parents were going to make Isabelle my middle name until they realized my initials would have been PIG ha

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    • Patti! You’re here! ❤ hehe What is your middle name now? My initials are TME so that doesn't make any words haha. My mom told me that, when picking names, she would try to imagine what they would sound like over the PA system at school. She would say it out loud like the child was being called to the principal's office just to see if it would flow nicely or whatever? haha

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      • I’m still trying to figure out wordpress.. I’m going to try making a blog for my students to write comments in. I might switch over from blogspot to here actually – the interface is so much better!

        My middle name is Marie so it became PMG and now it’s PMW… the same initials as Paul which is funny I think 🙂

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        • WordPress is so easy to use! I started somewhere else too and switched. The other site was a nightmare! And it crashed all the time. Once being down for two full weeks so as soon as I could I switched over lol

          And that is super cute that you and Paul have the same initials! What about baby Luke? Lol missing out in the family tradition hehe


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