A Little NLFF Update

So it’s been kind of a week…and it’s only two days in. 

I don’t count Monday of course because that was a holiday and who counts holidays as part of the week anyway? Not me! That’s for sure.

Big big big big BIG news:

I’ve found my A to Z Challenge topic!! Heck yes, peeps!! I’ve found it, researched, and already know what I’ll be writing about for each letter. It does involve a trip to my parent’s house to dig out some things from “high school T’s” life but that just makes it all the better. I’ll be home over Easter, which is the start of the challenge so it will be perfect timing. Watch out for the theme reveal day to learn a little bit more about it.

Also: I went from having no birthday plans to having birthday plans! Le Brother moved a few years ago and I still haven’t been to see his new place. Every few months I say I’m going to plan a weekend trip but it never works out. Which sucks for many reasons.

  1. He’s my big brother and I love him
  2. He’s actually grown into a decent human being and we’re actually friends.
  3. He lives in Ottawa and I L-O-V-E Ottawa! In the winter it’s beautiful and snow covered, in the spring/summer it’s beautiful and covered in flowers, you can go into the parliament buildings FOR FREE any time of the year and get a tour and walk around (although he refuses to go anymore with me. Apparently we’ve gone “too many times” but who can put a limit on seeing parliament?!)
  4. My favourite milkshakes are in Ottawa.
  5. He’s the only one who will go to museums with me because others have the “you’re not supposed to be climbing on that tank!” attitude which I just can’t support. He’s more along the lines of “there’s a security guard…if you get kicked out I’m never going anywhere with you ever again” which is totally fine just hold my bag so I can get a picture.
  6. His roommate and friends are pretty awesome and I miss hanging out with them. Although, watching K clean his guns on the kitchen table the weekend before his wedding does not get top billing in my “most memorable Ottawa moments”.

So! For my birthday, I’m planning on renting a car and driving up to Ottawa and spending April 13th-15th with Le Brother. It’s only about a 4-hour drive to his new place – now that I’m in Toronto, and he’s just *this side* of Ottawa. Before it was about 6.5-7.5 depending on the traffic and how many stops I would make.

He’s going to get a group together and hopefully, we’ll be going axe throwing. He went with his work for Christmas and now I wants to go! If it works out, it’ll be an afternoon of me plus about 6 engineers which makes for a pretty fun afternoon. Those guys are so much fun. But it also means that I need to get a road trip playlist started!! YAY for car dancing!

My Support Series has also started! The first post, Jennifer’s story, went over really well! Thanks to all those who liked and commented on it. The next post will be up on Monday. Again, if anyone wants to participate in it, just let me know. I have a few weeks open before the A to Z Challenge starts up!

So that’s what up with me – what’s up with you?

23 thoughts on “A Little NLFF Update

  1. Hockey, hockey is up 🙂 I am off to see the never ending rivalry that is Canada-US at the women’s gold medal game at the Olympics. I’ll make sure to post about it after we hopefully win again 🙂

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  2. I fully expect pictures from axe throwing! When the Bitten cast was up there filming all the time they would go and do axe throwing. Laura and them made it seem so cool!

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  3. Oh my good heavens! Has a year already passed for the A to Z? It seems like just yesterday you were teaching me all things about Harry Potter! (spoken like a true oldie, lol) Your road trip sounds super exciting! Throwing axes… I’ve never heard of it, so I’ll be interested to see how that goes, 😀


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