Valentine’s Day Confusion

Last night my kidlets decided to tell me that Valentine’s Day was made for me. It’s all pinks and reds and glitter and love. Which is basically my entire existence so “why don’t you like it?!”

In fact, I really do like Valentine’s Day. I was up late baking to get a Valentine’s Day treat ready for my kidlets and the students and all the adults that I see on a daily basis without leaving the house (that’s a grand total of 21 if we’re counting…which I had to do). My coffee wasn’t even ready yet this morning as I greeted every person I saw with a super bubbly “Happy Valentine’s Day!!” and I was only awake about 20 minutes before sending a Dwight Shrute picture to my wife wishing her a happy day as well. She’s kind of a nerd and loves The Office but that’s part of her charm haha.


Image result for dwight schrute valentines day card

provided via google and Pinterest

So why, after all that within the first 30 minutes of being awake, do I not like Valentine’s Day?

I don’t like the relationship aspect of it. This was a little bit hard to explain to my kidlets but I think they got it. I like being able to share my love with the people that I love. But it’s the expectation of over the top extraness for couples on this day.

So I will make cards and cupcakes filled with sprinkles that spill out when you bite into them (I’ll get pictures and hopefully a video up on here later. If you have my Instagram it’ll be there as well). And I will be extra bubbly to everyone I see (can you even imagine an extra bubbly me? HA!). But none of those things apply to a romantic relationship. Romantic relationships get no extra attention today.

But, to all those who aren’t in a romantic relationship with me (which is everyone):


omg look at the cute little bunny!



3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Confusion

  1. Valentine’s Day— 🤢 blah!! My boyfriend does not do Valentine’s Day, he’s not really a holiday person. It’s not necessary so I don’t care. I really think it’s too over commercialized it takes away the lovely part of it. my family and loved ones know I love them every day 😍😍😍

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