Its time! (Plus 3 updates)

For another installment of T is at work late and has all 4 kids in bed, 3 of then sleeping (YEEEESSSSSSS) and now she’s bored out of her mind so will someone please entertain her? 😘

5 minutes later update: all 4 have lights off and are into the sleeping mode! Still bored…Pinterest here I come – you better have super cute necklaces for me to look at

20 minutes after first update: I’m curled up on the couch and there was just a really weird noise from the bathroom but I’m too scared to go see what it was. It didn’t wake the dogs so whatever it is will kill me first without them even knowing…why am I sitting in the dark?!?

1.5 hours after 2nd update: whatever was in the bathroom didnt kill me but O did come home to a bloody knee because I slipped on ice walking from one house to the next. Thankfully its 12:30 and no one was outside to see my less than graceful eating of pavement.

5 thoughts on “Its time! (Plus 3 updates)

    • Ooo which blog did you come from? I love when people to that! I do it too myself sometimes 😊 thanks for taking the leap for me!

      And its just a skinned knee. It will heal. But I hate falling on ice. Thankfully winter is almost over and then there will be no more slippery walkways haha

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      • I think it was sonofabeach and his photos and songs. We live in a place that still has winter in winter, which I love (Woodstock NY area), but our driveway is completely not-okay for me to go out into a lot of the time, so I stay home and work from here or just be online. When I fell on the ice a few years back, it messed up a knee and my brain which already had epilepsy from getting electrocuted way back when, so they kept me in the hospital a couple of days and it wasn’t that fun, so I avoid it until I feel really capable and have great shoes on.

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