8-year old Stories

Mondays I spend most of my time at work with just 4th, the 8-year-old, and yesterday she said some crazy things. 

You have to understand something: 4th and I get along so well. Like really well. We’re basically best friends. But that’s mostly because I have the personality of a 5-year-old and she is still living in a childlike state of silliness, so it works.

Here are a few conversations between us from yesterday:

T: *in a singing voice* do you wanna build a snowman?
4th: no.
T: *singing* it doesn’t have to be a snowman! *regular voice* what about a snow hippo? They are so much better.
4th: no.
T: Play in the snow? It’s awesome outside and it’s just me and you. Let’s do homework and go play before it gets dark.
4th: no thank you. I’m hungry.

10 minutes later

4th: T let’s go outside and have a snow fight

4th: T!!! Help me flip with bowl of snow to make a snow castle
T: Can I sing while I do it?
4th: no.
T: Not even a little bit?
4th: *sigh* you’re such a child…fine…
T: *sings* do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman. I don’t know the other words, so let’s just sing some words, is that OOKKKKKAAAAYYYYY. la da da da da, da da da, da da da da DAHHHH. Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman! ok bye…
4th: feel better?
T: um YES! Now let’s do this!

4th: T who are you dating?
T: No one. I would have told you if I was dating someone. Why?
4th: because of wedding details. It took (her cousin) over a year to plan her wedding so get on it
T: umm I still have 18 months before the date you picked. I have LOTS of time. Plus, (her cousin) had a big wedding in a different country. She needed all that time. I just want a small wedding so I don’t need all that time.
4th: I had a dream about your wedding
T: really?! What happened?
4th: I had two. The second one you got married.
T: To who?
4th: He had brown hair, but like not all brown. Just dark. And brown eyes. And he’s younger than you
T: hmmms I don’t date guys who are younger than me. How tall was he? What else can you tell me about him?
4th: Well…if I’m here, then he’s here (jumps and holds her hand up so at least 6’2), his skin is like yours (aka white)
T: hmmms ok…I’ll see what I can do. What was the other dream?
4th: you started out as a piece of poo (she’s obsessed with the word right now) and then you got out of the toilet and had a shower and your fiance came in and gave you a hug and told you to hurry up or you’ll be late for the wedding. Then it was the middle of the wedding and he looked at you and said “no you’re a piece of poo I don’t want to marry you!” and he left you standing there and then you cried (here she laughed hysterically) and then *name of person she noticed on my phone from notifications* came in, pointed at you and laughed.
T: oh my goodness that is a horrible dream!!
4th: I’ll have another one on Thursday. T dreams always happen on Thursdays.

T: oh no! My nail polish peeled off
4th: Can I have it?
T: um…sure…*passes her the little nail shaped piece of polish that peeled off my fingernail*
4th: This is the gel polish right?
T: yup
4th: thought so. It feels like a sticker. You should have made the hearts bigger (I had mentioned that earlier in the day)
T: I know…so sad!

And then since I had to fix that one finger this morning anyway, I also made the hearts bigger too. They look much better now.


Just a few of the silly things that she says on a daily basis. I love that kid. She also learned how to make videos on Instagram yesterday since we were sending some to our friends in Spain and France. It was too much fun.

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