Nail Art Sunday: Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have a new manicure. 

Voting for this week was a pure success, and there as a definite winner. While 3 of the designs only ended up with 2 votes each, the dark red/cream nails had 8 so it was very obvious which one I had to do. Everyone seemed to really dig the colour combination so I tried my best to stick to it.

My inspiration for this design:

Romantic Valentine's day nails

I really loved this choice. I rounded out my nails this week just to give a different look for this manicure. I wish I had a cream to match, but I had an ivory. I should have done one more coat of each colour just to get a better overall look, but when I was doing my nails, it looked dark enough and an even colour tone so I stopped after 2 coats. I was off my game a little bit with the vamping, but that’s ok! Although I did let filming to continue through my left hand – which I generally don’t show because it’s the hardest to do the designs on and I actually think I audibly whimpered in the middle there trying to get the hearts to look pretty on my left hand.

Overall, this design rocked. If I were to do it again, I’d pick a different colour for the cream. Maybe mixing my ivory with a light pink I have? But it was too baby pink to work with the dark red. I would also make the hearts a little bigger on my nails. Even without those two changes though, I am seriously digging my Valentine’s Day nails.


Happy Valentine’s Day peeps and meeps!

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