Personal Pros and Cons

One of the first things that I was taught in teacher’s college was that a teacher should be constantly reflecting on their practices. Today, I’m going to reflect on myself. 

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I had a friend when I was younger who asked me why I wasn’t depressed as a teenager. She was comparing herself to me and we were the complete opposite: braces/glasses/fat/flaming orange hair vs tall/blonde/skinny/gorgeous. Yet she was the one who hated herself. That kind of stuck with me over the years because I honestly couldn’t tell her why. She was self-harming and I honestly didn’t really care. I was happy being who I was. So to write this post on things I like and dislike about myself, it took a little bit of thinking. I always look to see what the next topic is so that when I sit down to write in the morning I kind of have an idea of what I’m going to say. 

Let’s start with the things I don’t like. Anyone who has been around this blog for even just a few days will probably know that the main issue I have with myself is my hair. I really don’t like that I have alopecia. It drags me down sometimes. But that’s ok. It’s not like I’m dying or anything. It’s a vanity issue. And most of the time I can accept it and move on. I wrote a password post about it this week and that took a lot to write, but I am so glad that I did. Even if only about 10 people have access to it that’s ok because I don’t really like to share a lot about it to people I actually know.

I’m also kind of stubborn. I can totally dig my heels in on some issues. I’m slow to anger but once I’m there, I’m there and it’s really hard to come back from that. But I’m talking like “you ran over my dog with your car on purpose and then stood in front of me and laughed while you told me” mad. I can be competitive and a little bit of a perfectionist. I don’t really like conflict so sometimes I hold onto things that bother me instead of just talking about them.

Now things that I like about myself: I really love that I’m so happy and bubbly and positive all the time. Sure I have friends who say I’m forbidden to talk to them until after 9 am but that’s ok. They aren’t morning people. And I love being a morning person! It’s 10:30 am and I’ve already accomplished my entire to-do list besides writing this post and reading emails. I’m rocking it. Tomorrow, my one day I don’t set an alarm, I will still probably be up at 7:30. I really like how creative I am and how I can think outside the box. Somehow working with children I have gained this uber patience level. I would have thought it would have decreased but it didn’t. Basically, I just love me. Which is great! Because I know a few people who can’t really say that and I hope that one day they reach a point where they love themselves. I know it took me a long time to get here so I’m not letting it go anytime soon.

What do you love about yourself?

Happy Thursday peeps and meeps! ❤

This post is part of my 30 Days of Writing Challenge 

4 thoughts on “Personal Pros and Cons

  1. I have a type of alopecia too and was going to write a post on it too…but kind of scared! I haven’t hated on myself for a long time because I’m happy to have a healthy body that does everything it should… well except grow hair on my head but hey I can walk and run and breathe easily :so whats to grumble about!

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  2. I love your post. It fills me with so much positivity.
    I don’t think anyone in this world is happy about her hair !
    I am one of those who doesn’t love herself. I am not an unhappy person, and don’t actually dislike myself, but I am very hard on myself – set unreasonable standards all the darn time and flog myself when I don’t reach them.
    My best quality is my sense of humour about life itself. Most people in my circle don’t get my humour, but it keeps me young and vibrant.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I think a lot of people are so hard on themselves – just like you they set really high standards for themselves and then are harsh when they can’t reach them. Its really difficult to start changing our mindsets to be kind. We always tell ourselves to be kind to others but never to own our person. Its so sad.

      I’m glad you love your sense of humour!! I like mine too 😀 although yesterday I had a good giggle over just one word and my kidlets were like “man you are easily amused” haha


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