What’s up with Whatsapp?

Seriously, what’s the deal? 

Okies, so I’ve got to say that I kind of hate talking on the phone. If it’s the right person and a good conversation I can talk for hours. And Skype is kind of worse. Why do I always look like a troll on Skype?! WHY

When I was in the midst of my online dating nightmares over the spring and summer, I downloaded Whatsapp. A guy asked if I had it, and I said no but I got it thinking it was a way of not having to give out my phone number to guys I didn’t want to.

I was wrong.

They NEED your actual phone number to find you. Which sucks. And also – why don’t you just text me instead of using the chat function since you already have my phone number. I hardly ever have my data on so if I’m not in a place where I’ve connected to WiFi, 95% of the time my data will be off and I won’t be able to get your messages anyways.

I have used it to video chat with friends in France. That was awesome! I miss them SOOO much. Both were au pairs here over the summer. One lives in France, the other in Spain, but they became best friends. So when they were having a holiday together they video called and it was so lovely. So that’s a good thing.

Also, calls to Jamaica over the last two months. One lady I work with is from there and she went home for a vacation. So her calling has also been a great use of this app.

I don’t even need it to text the USA. I do that all the time with no extra charges. And it’s also awesome because it means I can send an “OMG WHAT DO I DO” text to Hot Mess when I’m staying late at work and the parents of my kidlets are in a movie and I need some parenting advice. Or after putting the kids to sleep texting her and going “children are insane. Why am I doing this?” Thanks, Hot Mess, for keeping me sane.

I’ve never called her, but I do have free long distance within my minutes so again, not really needed but it could be useful for that.

But for online dating, when you’re in the same city? What’s the point?!

Okies rant over…

25 thoughts on “What’s up with Whatsapp?

  1. hello ? whatsapp is great for people who don’t have wifi. Only people who have your number can talk to you , which makes it safe.


    • But you need wifi or a data connection to use WhatsApp. When I wrote this, I was against using the app for online dating purposes. If I’m not comfortable telling them my number yet to text off a site, it doesn’t help to ask to use WhatsApp because I then I have to give them my number anyways. I love using it for other friends and other conversations though


      • yes but when you come from a country where data and wifi are expensive then whatsapp is your best shot. It costs next to nothing when it comes to data.


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