How’s your Granny?

I really wish you all could meet my work Granny. 

My own excellent Grandma died when I was 12. She was my mom’s mom and the only grandparent I ever got to meet. Along the way, I have “adopted” several other grandmothers though so it’s not like my life has ever really been devoid of a grandmother experience.

Currently, my Granny is the grandmother of the children that I nanny. She has adopted me as one of her own and has told my parents and my brother and my best friend, just how lovely a young lady I am. I could sit and listen to her stories for forever and a half. Even though she tells the same ones over and over again. She was born and grew up in Trinidad, worked for the Governor’s house, met Julia Andrews, and learned to knit using the stem of a coconut leaf.

I will miss her terribly when she moves sometime near the end of this month. I have so much enjoyed living with her for the last 7 months. Although, with her departure to her own house (literally across the street from the house that I go to for work), she takes her eldest daughter with her as well and that means two things for me. I lose all the adult conversation in the house, but I also gain the nanny suite. So I shall be moving again.

Today, just as I was setting my plate down full of food for dinner, Granny and her daughter arrived home from their day out. I helped to bring up their bags like I always try to do. Both have various different health problems, and I am “young and strong” as they like to say. I ran the stairs about 5 times up and down and they were finally settled.

Granny has this great way of showing her gratitude to someone. When I first started working here, she would just pass along God’s blessing on me. Whenever I go home to my parent’s, she also extends this blessing to them. Then it was “I shall dance at your wedding!” and now, and I kid you not, it has evolved into:

Thank you, my dear. My God bless you richly, and may you find a good strong man with whom to marry and raise a family that you so rightly deserve. And I shall dance at your wedding when you do. 

She is so sweet in planning my future. I actually had to haggle with her on the number of children that I am “supposed to have”. It started at 4 (which is how many she had) and got it dropped down to 2. And there is no way to say no to her. You just agree with her and move on with life. Once she has her mind set on something you are not to contradict her – but isn’t that the way it is with all grandmothers?

So anyways. That’s my Granny and I love her from the bottom of my heart.

What’s your grandmother like?

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