To the FUTURE!


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I’m not sure if this is common, but I don’t really spend too much time thinking about the future. I would much rather prefer to focus on the now and enjoying life while I’m living it – making memories and having fun.

But I guess if I had to think about it, my future would probably look like a lot of people’s: a partner to share it with, maybe one child (if ANY OF YOU tell my mother that and give her hope that I might be changing my mind on the children issue, I’m going to come over there and slash your tires), a cute little dog that I just call cutesie names all day.

I have set a goal to be the longest surviving nanny of the family that I work for. Talking with 2nd the other night and saying how Harriet Tubman had already accomplished SO MUCH by the time she was my age and how can I ever measure up, she said my claim to fame is going to be being their longest nanny. Which is basically the best thing I could hope for. Who wouldn’t want that title?! Their last “longest nanny” lasted about 2 years so I’m just over half way there haha. But I have a feeling that I’ll be here for a while now. The mom wanted to take the summer off from homestay students which meant that I would need to find another job for the summer but she also says she doesn’t want to lose me so that might not happen? They are still deciding. She also says I’m never allowed to leave. I joked that I’m not leaving – like when 4th, her youngest, goes off to college, I’m just going to move with her. Hopefully, by then, 4th will have stopped licking me and telling me I taste like a paper cut, or a cupcake, or cereal, or whatever it is that she has decided that my hand/finger/arm/cheek/sweater tastes like in that specific moment.

But in the somewhat immediate future, I hope that the kids respond well to a big change in routine that is coming. We are making check-lists and I get to use my laminator (YAAASSSSS) and it’s going to be a BIG switch up from how things are now. We’re slowly starting changes before we get to the laminated check-list stage but I’m anticipating a lot of complaining haha.

Oh and as much as I don’t really give into the hype of Valentine’s Day, I’ve already planned an amazing snack for my kidlets.

What are your plans for the future?

This post is part of my 30 Days of Writing Challenge

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