Sew, sew, sew…

Introducing Worm and Peg. 

Somedays at work, I feel like a modern-day Cinderella – all I do is wash dishes, iron clothes and put away laundry. But then other days, like today, I feel like I’m not even working at all. Actually most days I don’t feel like I’m “at work”.

Today was such an easy day. On Thursday I was able to do quite a bit of extra work to make today easier. Since I’ve been working extra hours, I’ve liked to keep Saturdays low key and as chill as possible. It hardly ever works, but this week it totally did!

After being licked only 3 times by 4th, I was able to have some fun with 2nd. In the morning she had some homework to finish and while she did that, I was able to perform surgery on Humphry – a new dog toy in the shape of an elephant. The one poodle had him for about 5 minutes and already had his face ripped open. It was an easy fix! And 10 minutes after I started, Instagram pictures included, I was done. I can’t share them here since 2nd is actually in them, but if you follow my Instagram you’ll see. She’s so cute.

It seemed to be a day for just hanging with her because after lunch we sat down for a craft. She loves to get these little kits to make things and the most recent one was a sewing kit. It gives you all the supplies and a book of instructions to make little animals. It’s ADORABLE!!!

She decided to do the penguin and I thought I was just there to supervise and help with the stitches, but NO!! I was able to make one too. And of course, we all know I lept at the chance!

And here he is. His name is worm:


I was testing out some of the whip stitches along the white part to see if it looked better closer together or further apart. 2nd is sometimes very particular so I wanted to show her what it would look like.

1st came in and accused us of making worms. So I asked her if she wanted to name my penguin. She said “yes! His name is Worm” so Worm it is.

I stayed an extra hour to get 2nd to the end of her project, and she named her penguin Peg. Peg the Penguin lol. Adorable! Peg has a heart on her chest too, but I don’t think 2nd likes it very much which is why her wing is covering it haha.


My job is seriously the best thing ever!

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