Double Nail Art Weekend

I was actually productive today! I know – it surprised me too.Β 

I had planned on having a day in my hippo onesie filled with reading, hot chocolate and oreos, but things took a turn.

One of the homestay students had a friend of her father come to visit her. So right away, I knew I couldn’t be in my onesie. Like sure, it’s adorable and I look adorable in it, but when you are living 15000km from home and your dad has a friend check in on you, you don’t want to be introducing the said friend to the “house mother” who is dressed from head to toe in fuzzy blue material. It’s not cool.

With that change, my whole day changed as well. I hardly slept last night BUT I had the most amazingly wonderful nap. You know the kind where you live in a house with 7 or 8 other people and a clinic run out of the basement but for two glorious hours, you are literally the only person in the building? Yeah – one of those types of naps. It was great.

I also received a shipment of nail polish this week. Le Brother gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and half of it was used for this delivery. I think I’ll be taking a break from purchasing new gel polish for a while. It took way too long to come up with 12 additional colours that I actually wanted, and out of the 12, 5 of them are like one shade of blue away from each other. That was unintentional. The colours on my computer screen looked way different.

But it is what it is! And now I have 12 more colours to add to my collection bringing my total up to 42. Which is a lot.Β Even for me.

I spent a little time this afternoon making up the colour swatches for the new colours and labelling the bottles with numbers to match the swatches. These colours are definitely more “winter” than previous orders. But I do have a really nice dark olive green which I’ve been wanting for a while. And a stellar selection of blues now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that I have all that sorted and put into my collection, I can start thinking about my next design. It will be for Valentine’s Day so it will be some sort of hearts or lovey type cuteness.

I’m not one to really celebrate Valentine’s Day – honestly, I think it’s kind of lame. I’m definitely not the type of girl who will say “no let’s not do anything” and then get angry if my guy doesn’t plan anything. Although one year I did have this adorable surprise gift of a single gerbera daisy which was absolute perfection. But every year I love to get my nails done for Valentine’s Day, and this year will be no different. Watch out for a post on Sunday with a poll. All I have to do between now and then is narrow down my choices to like 4…that’s going to take all weekend.

48 thoughts on “Double Nail Art Weekend

  1. I vote for the red nail, white heart! πŸ˜‰ Okay wait… actually, 4 painted red and the 5th painted white with a red heart, or something. Hope I didn’t ruin anything for you, so I’ll just look forward to seeing what you have for us. 😊 Loving all your colors, including all the blues, lol, and I’d totally wear that olive green in a heartbeat… and I also know I still have at least one NAS to catch up on, πŸ™ƒ

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