Open Call for Participants

Have you ever seen Legally Blonde 2 and she has a snap cup?

s01e08 GIF

snaps for Elle for rocking that pink suit! *snap snap*


Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of snaps for writing about the things in my life that affect me like my alopecia or my hair growth. I’ve had a few bloggers who I know email me saying they are struggling with the same thing or even an anonymous email saying how I’ve inspired someone to feel more comfortable in their own skin or how they understand and not to worry, I’m not alone.

Let me first say a big huge thank you to everyone who has reached out. It’s so sweet to have those words of comfort and support coming from people I may not even know. I love how my blog is a safe place for me to write about these things and share them with others.

So in the spirit of helping others, I’m going to start my own little snap cup if you will. But let’s call it Support Snaps, ok? Great.

If you’re struggling with something in life and want to share your story let me know and I’ll post it.

Have you been in an accident and needed rehabilitation? Recovered (or are currently in recovery) from a trauma or addiction? Diagnosed with an illness or disease or syndrome of some sort and you’re still here thriving (or maybe just surviving at the moment)?

If you have, and you want to share your story of struggle and/or success, let me know. I’m sure your story will touch at least one person reading this blog. You can write under your own name or anonymously. You can write free-form or work off a list of questions I can send you. I’m not going to put a word limit on this because it’s your story. You write what you need to write. I won’t edit what you provide unless it’s a grammatical mistake and then I will run it by you first. The teacher still lives strong inside me. Let me fix the grammatical mistakes! 

If you want to participate, email me at

I’ll start posting for this series as soon as I’m done with my 30 Day Writing Challenge.

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